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============================================================================= WinArena v0.20, Dec 31, 2005 by Stanza @ DF Workshop =================================================

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v0.20, Dec 31, 2005

by Stanza @ DF Workshop


Welcome to WinArena. This is not a game, so don't expect anything of the
sort from the program.

What is WinArena? It is two things:

1) A utility for dumping some of Arena's resources to more accessible formats.

2) A tech demo for a simple rendering engine that uses the original Arena
resources to create a 3D world to have a slightly more interactive means
of examining those resources.


Quick Start

To use WinArena, you need to already have Arena installed on your system.

Place WinArena.exe, DemoCity.dat, and DemoDungeon.dat in C:\Arena\
(or wherever your Arena directory is located)

Double-click on WinArena.exe.

The first time it runs, you will see a dialog indicating it cannot locate its
file cache. Click "OK", which will create a new file cache. On my 3.6 GHz
Pentium 4, this takes 20 seconds. Slower systems may take much longer. This
only happens the first time WinArena runs.

To exit when running full screen, hit ESC to bring up the control screen,
then click on "Drop to DOS".

After this point, if you are familiar with Arena's controls, you should
have no problems moving around the test level provided.