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Added: 21/12/2006 - 09:59AM
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Role-Playing Oblivion : New Beginnings 1.0 is a plugin that allows you to start in 30 different locations when beginnings a new game. You can start in every Fighter's Guild Halls, Mages' Guild Halls, the Arena Bloodworks, the chapels of the Nines and one tavern of each major city.

The Main Quest is disabled at the start, so you can go do some adventuring without having to worry about it. Near where you start, there's a letter that contains orders written by Baurus to a "Prisoner". Upon reading it, you will get the Amulet of Kings and automatically start the Main Quest.

There's another plugin included too that allows even more RPG Character Generation elements : Role-Playing Character 2.1
This plugin allows you to select five different backgrounds out of 186 that gives bonuses or maluses, depending on which you choose. Consider these perks or advantages/disadvantages. It also adds a lot, role-playing wise. :)
To view the full list of backgrounds, please see the included Background List file.

Have fun!


Cliff_RPO_NewBeginnings.esp will conflict with Alternate Starts by dung_beetle.
Cliff_RPO_NewBeginnings (RPC).esp will conflict with my other plugin, Role-Playing Character.

There have also been reports of Role-Playing Character having conflicts with AF Levelling Mod by Fraktyl. Be careful if you use it.