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Our little Neeshka is all grown up. *sniff* I say our, because with well over eighteen thousand downloads at the time I'm writing this, and because when you put "companion n" imto Google she comes up 3rd in the list, there are at least a few people out there who consider Neeshka to be a part of their Oblivion as much as I do. How old is she now, 5 years? I'd like to personally thank everyone who helped me with her along the way, and everyone who has her as an adventuring companion in their Ob, as well as everyone who has offered their adivce, comments, suggestions, compliments, and constructive criticisms. Without all that, she never would have made it this far.

This is the current running Neeshka thread at the Beth forums --> http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=1005925

Here is a new thread I made at the Nexus Forums as well --> http://thenexusforums.com/index.php?showtopic=204229

Ok, so... for you new people, here's a bit of a rundown. Companion Neeshka is a Dunmer female. You can tell her where home is, tell her where to sleep, where to spend her afternoons, and where her horse can stay when she isn't using it. If you ride hroses, she'll ride her's when following you. Her horse will stay near your horse when you dismount, so she doesn't have to walk half a mile to get back to it when it's time to go.

She can heal you and/or herself during combat and/or out of combat. She can be a melee fighter or a marksman, switchable via dialogue, she can make or upgrade your arrows, she can sell you lockpicks, give you repair hammers, recharge your magic gear, goes into alert when you do, sneaks when you do, can be told to use a torch, or not, via dialogue... the list goes on, all detailed in the readme.

Speaking of the readme, it is HIGHLY recommended that you read it, even if you have used her before. Every section was updated for this new release, as it might be the final.

Also note, there are two esp's included this time, one where she defaults to melee as usual, and a second one that will default her to ranged. You can still change this in-game vie dialogue at any time, this just sets her to either one when you load up a game.

Here is a quick copy/paste of her changelog from the readme:

03. Version History

--v1.0-- Initial release. Dec. 13, 2006

--v1.1 through 1.6 Removed. The new version is such a big change, this might as well be a re-release.

--v2.0-- Total Rebuild. June 23, 2009

01. Updated her horse with meshes and textures from Slof's Oblivion Horses, with permission. All-inclusive and unique, won't affect anything other than Neeshka's horse, no matter if you have Slof's or not.

02. Set her eyes back to default, to remove dependancy from Elaborate Eyes. If you want different ones, feel free to change them in the CS.

03. Made a change to her "fallen behind" message so it wouldn't go off every time you load into a new cell

04. Made a change to her "auto double-face fix" so it only runs after she is taken as a companion. Seemed to interfere with the initialize part of her script.

05. Got rid of all the varla stone messages that display when she recharges your equipment - thanks to Jumanji for that one.

06. There was an error in her sit-while-armed package, fixed, but likely isn't going to help her sitting behavior.

07. Fixed an issue where if she is in casual mode and you check her inventory, she puts her armor back on, making you have to tell her to follow casual again to get her to change back into her clothing. - Thanks to Emma for pointing that out.

08. Added script to force her to load into player's cell if she was supposed to, and didn't. This will stop her from getting left behind when you go through a door. When outside, if she gets too far behind, this will also act as a warp, unless she is on a horse, then it will do nothing.

09. Fixed an error that left her standing in her undies if you woke her up and told her to follow you. Now she will get dressed as soon as you tell her to follow, without having to do it twice.

10. Changed her player heal spell to target only, no AOE.

11. Removed the "heal during combat" function and dilaogue, and replaced with something useful, and much more reliable. She has an AOE restoration spell she can cast from the dialogue menu. This is useful for healing horses, other NPC's, other companions... just stand near them and ask her to cast it from her Abilities menu.

01. Combat-healing is back in, can be turned off and on via dialogue, activates when player is at or below 1/3rd base max health value, has limited magicka and limited range. So if you need healing, make sure you get fairly close to her, and hopefully she will not be out of magicka. If she is low, she will cast as soon as she's able.

02. Out-of-combat healing improved to use new method, no more targeted spells that can miss, no more walking while she's trying to cast.

03. New "cast AOE heal party spell" via dialogue from v2.1 has been retained, useful for healing horses, other companions, npc's, whatever.

04. All healing and torch functions are now **OFF** by default. If you want her to heal you in and/or out of combat, and/or use a torch, you will have to tell her so.

05. Neeshka's horse will now move near the player's horse when not in use. This will cut down on the distance she has to travel to mount, and cut down on time it takes to get moving again. If the player isn't using a horse, Neeshka's horse will stay near it's home marker.

06. When Neeshka is on horseback following the player, she will no longer dismount on her own to fight. That way if you just want to keep riding, she will ignore any enemies and continue to follow you. If you do want to fight, simply dismount your horse, and she will return to whichever aggression setting she was at before. If it was "attack any enemy" she will immediately attack anything that was following you. If it was "be defensive" she will attack anything that is attacking you or her, but nothing else. if you had told her to "not fight at all" then naturally, she'll do nothing but stand there like a 'tard.

07. Her dialogue fletching option now only shows if she has been set to ranged mode.

08. Her dialogue aggression options only show the two settings she is not set to, the one she is set to will not show. Her "aggression is set to X" message has also been removed when changing options. It will be easy to see which one she is set to by which ones are showing.

09. Removed some leftover "start combat" code in her script that did not work. Doesn't affect anything other than shortening her script just a little. If you want to force her into combat (like in the arena, or some innocent you want dead and you don't want the blame), use the Start Combat spell she gives you when you meet her.

10. Neeshka's face had been tweaked and tweaked to the point where it just began to look weird, like people who have too much plastic surgery. I reset her and started over completely from the base I used originally, and I'm quite pleased with the results. She doesn't look like an aibrushed model, but she is rather cute now imo. I'm calling her looks "done and done".

01. Changed her self-healing spell to script control (using the new healing method from v2.2) to prevent her from needlessly spamming it on herself.

02. Accidently included the wrong nif files for her horse in v2.1, causing a CTD if you did not have Slof's files installed. This is now fixed.

03. Added code to fix her attributes if they get damaged by spells, poison, ect...

04. Lowered the magicka cost of her healing spells, in heavy fighting she would run out much too quickly.

05. Added waterwalking. She will now walk on water whenever the player does, or swim when the player swims.

06. Changed lockpick dialiogue function. Removed the need to belong to the Thieves Guild, but now she only gives you 5, and you have to give her 25 gold so she can get some more. You can buy as many as you like from her, however. And no, the gold won't show up in her inventory so you can't just take it back.

--v2.4-- This version was done by Emma
01. Stopping the "neeshka has engaged an enemy" message from looping if the user did not have a weapon out, like a mage for example... oopsies, never thought of that ^_^

02. Set Neeshka's health to match the player's *base* health if it was lower than the player's, because Neesh had gimped health like all other npc's in the game. Will give her more base max health, so she won't get knocked out so much. Will really help those who don't like her to use her healing.

03. Gave her a new casual (no armor/weaps) Wait Here function. It acts like a standard wander mode, where she can interract with other npc's, etc. This has been added to her main dialogue tree.

04. Changed the conditions for which she goes into sleep mode, and a few other similar modes, so she won't bother unless she is near where she is supposed to be, ie near her home and/or sleep makers. This should keep her from wandering off in search of her fluffy pillow if she isn't already at home. :)

05. The best change, and one I totally did not think of... when you set her home marker, it moves all her markers, including her sleep and town markers, to the new location. This way, if you tell her "here's your new home", and forget or just don't bother setting her sleep marker too, she won't travel alllll the way to the Bloated Float to go to sleep. If there is no bed in the same area as her home marker, she just won't sleep. After you set the home marker, you can then set her sleep and town (hang out here in the afternoon) markers, and she will use those at the right time. If you move her home marker to a new spot, the other markers will get moved, too.

06. Removed her starting arrows from her inventory. For some reason, it seems that on occasion she would use the starting arrows she has, instead of the ones you give her, even if you took the original ones away. If you want her to use arrows, give her a bow, give her arrows, take away any blades, and set her to ranged. This won't stop the weird "shooting blanks" problem that companions have, Emma says this is related to having Shivering Isles installed.

01. Changed the way Neeshka decides when it's time to ride her horse, so she won't be showing up following the player when she isn't supposed to. This was the last known glitch that she had, as far as I know.

02. Added an oft-requested ability for her to ride her horse in casual mode. If she is following the player unarmed and/or wearing plain clothing, she will now be able to mount, and then dismount, her horse still in casual dress. However, when riding like this and the player decides to stop and fight, she will instantly armor-up and equip her weapon the second she jumps down to join the fight. She will still be in armor when she gets back on to ride, but will then go back into casual mode the next time the player dismounts without fighting.

So there she is, hopefully the final update. Please use the above Beth forum link for discussion. At this point, I can say with 99% certainty, if you run into any issues now, it's very likely either operator error, a known limitation, or mod conflict. Still, I'd like to hear your comments, complaints, suggestions, issues, because you just never know. :) Thanks for playing!