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LORE CREATURE EXPANSION > Mod and Resource Pack v1.4 < Credits: Grimdeath (project head, CS construction) B3w4r3 (summon scripts) Martigen(summon script revisions) Syko Fox (writing, editing) Dwemer Spiders - Cryo_ (model / rigging), Grimdeath (texture / sounds), B3w4r3 (companion script) Frost Giant - Mdogger (model / texture),

Permissions and credits
> Mod and Resource Pack v1.4 <

Grimdeath (project head, CS construction)
B3w4r3 (summon scripts)
Martigen(summon script revisions)
Syko Fox (writing, editing)

Dwemer Spiders - Cryo_ (model / rigging), Grimdeath (texture / sounds), B3w4r3 (companion script)
Frost Giant - Mdogger (model / texture), Xmarksthespot (rigging)
Gargoyle - Cryonaut (model edit), Grimdeath (texture), Orix (sounds)
Giant Spiders - Cryonaut (model edit / rigging), Xmarksthespot (UVmapping), Grimeath (texture), Renzeekin (Tropical Skin)
Golden Saint - Cryo_ (head model), Xmarksthespot (Armor edits), Grimdeath (textures / sounds)
Guar - Mdogger (model / texture), Xmarksthespot (rigging), Grimdeath (variation textures / sounds)
Herne - Cryonaut (model edits), Grimdeath (textures), Orix (sounds)
Hunger - Mdogger (model), Xmarksthespot (rigging), Grimdeath (textures / sounds)
Morphoid - Cryonaut (model edits), Grimdeath (textures), Grimdeath (sounds)
Pahmar - Cryo_ (model edits / armor textures), Grimdeath (creature textures)
Werecroc - Cryonaut (model edits), Xmarksthespot (updated rigging), Grimdeath (textures), Grimenir (quest and morphing script)

Update Details:
-Added wild guars between Chedynhall and the borders to Morrowind, they are rare but do respawn.
-LCE Extras: Added new Black Widow variation for giant spiders
-Added Black Guar skin, Toggle varation from the CS model list option
-Added new custom summons trainer, Irwaen, in the same location to prevent future conflicts.
-The guar mount will now return back to the Lord's estate similar to Shadowmere and the fort.
-Guar quest NPC has been set to essential, and AI tweaked so he appears more often
-Adjusted factions that caused random creatures to fight each other, Daedra vs Creatures will fight each other.
-Updated the rigging for the Werecroc model to remove shifty bones (Xmarksthespot)
-Fixed Werecroc repeated cast bug, version 1.3's fix was not working properly.
-Updated summons scripts to resolve a few issues, slight performance increase. (Martigen)
-Updated Credits to list more specifically the creators of each creature

-Giant spider and guar quest added at the estate due north of Cheydinhall.
-Guar mount added (received as a reward). Instructions below for customizing.
-LCE Extras: 4 new Giant Spider variation skins
-LCE Extras: Tutorial - How To Add Custom Creature
-Werecroc heal bug fixed (Did not properly fix this issue, v1.4 should resolve this issue)
-Golden Saints now carry a bow standard to prevent occasionally appearing unarmed.

-Giant spider creature added
-LCE-Addon.esp silent mp3s for werecroc quest added to slow dialog.
-Golden Saints now appear at level 21+ instead of 25+
-Arena bug resolved.
-Red level conflicts with OOO, MMM, and Fran's Mod have all been resolved
-The Complete Ranger's abandoned mine conflict resolved.
-Summons' timers now operate properly.
-Updated readme to include creature appearance guide.

-Stops Dwemer Spiders from appearing automatically. Reset your mod after installation to reset the spiders to their proper location! PM me if you need help.

About This Mod
This mod adds a myriad of new creatures based off of those previously seen in the other Elder Scrolls games or mentioned within the lore itself. In the main version of the mod, most Daedra and regular creatures will spawn when you obtain a certain level (in the "vanilla" style). However, a few of the creatures have specially hand-crafted encounters which will take you through many unique experiences, from a long lost Dwemer ruin, through the den of a massive Frost Giant, and into the strange existence of a Were-crocodile! After weeks of toil, the mod is finally complete in its first incarnation, and we are proud to present to you a collection of creatures never before seen in TESIV: Oblivion, including the first completely custom modeled and rigged creatures to be modded into the game.

If your new to The Elder Scrolls series I encourage you to read the book series titled "The Adventurer's Guide to Tamriellic Creatures" that this mod adds as it gives a fairly good description of the creatures and tells a bit about what they are and where they come from, you may even find a few clues to the location of the more rare ones!

As a bonus to other modders, this mod is open to use as a resource pack. Many large projects have already shown interest in the mod, and I hope that our work will be put to use to create some really creative and fun mods. The resources are open to everyone and I only ask that you follow the simple conditions listed in the Conditions section below, should you plan to incorporate some or all of the creatures in your mod. Enjoy!

Below is a guide to "peak" levels you will find certain creatures. It is possible to see some creatures earlier or later then what is stated:

LEVELED LIST CREATURES (added by lorecreatures.esp only)
Giant Spiders - lvl 1+
Herne lvl 12 - found in daedric areas
Gargoyle lvl 15-16 - found in wilderness and tombs
Hunger lvl 15 - daedric areas
Morphoid lvl 18 - daedric areas
Golden Saint lvl 21+ daedric areas

SPECIAL ENCOUNTERS (added by lorecreatures.esp or LCE-addon)
Golden Saints (level 21+) - found near one of sheagorath's statues
Guar (mount, unique) - one unique mount via quest reward
Wild Guars (small pack) - found between Chedynhall and Morrowind's borders, rare but they do respawn
Giant Cave Spiders(scaled) - quest related and boss.
Frost Giant (static level) - unique
Pahmar (any level, fully scaled) - unique
Werecrocs (any level, fully scaled) - quest related
Dwemer Spiders (any level, fully scaled) - found in unique dungeon

There are TWO versions of the .esp packed with this mod. The first is my full stand alone version (lorecreatures.esp) for regular users. The second will be a special version (LCE-addon.esp) that will only add in the special encounters (werecroc, dwemer, frost giant, and more in the future) in order to make the mod compatible with OOO, Franseco's, MMM, and other level list editing mods. You simply need to toggle on the appropriate version.

Why have two versions?
The main version includes everything we have built for the mod implemented in the "vanilla" method of creature placement. If you are not using mods that alter leveled list for creatures, then this is the mod for you. The second version will add in only the special encounters by our team, all other creatures will need to be added to the leveled lists of the other mods by their respective author. If you are the author of a mod that heavily modifies the leveled lists of creatures, PLEASE contact us and we'll get your mod set up to include these creatures. As of release time, the following mod authors have all given confirmation on using the lore creatures in their mod, please use the lc-addon.esp version if you use OOO, Fransesco, MMM, or a mixture of them.

Werecrocodile Controls (BETA)
OBSE (oblivion script extender) is REQUIRED to use the werecroc!!
When in Were-Crocodile form, you must have OBSE in order to control the werecroc. Werecroc NPCs do not need OBSE installed, nor does any other part of this mod and all run file without it installed. I also recommend the OBSE Loader mod to easily load the game and CS with OBSE enabled or disabled with ease. Here are links to the newest versions of each as of release time:

OBSE Download: http://obse.silverlock.org/
OBSE Launcher: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=6696

v1.0 Controls: **
- Movement - W,A,S, and D (thanks to OBSE!)
- Run - Hold Shift (thanks to OBSE!)
- Double-Clicking Sneak: Includes: Wait till dawn, Berserk (auto attack), and Cancel (non-OBSE enabled yet)

- Slight Spoiler -
Reward Item - Equip to change form at any time and use the double-sneak press to revert to your normal form immediately, no waiting required.

**I still consider the Werecroc scripts to be in BETA form, while the mod is completely playable the lack of manual attacks can be a bit frustrating. I had hoped to have every aspect done before the first release, but a few things have been pushed back to the first content update. This means the werecroc controls are NOT completed and, for right now, the only manual control is for movement. Other functions like attacking will require you to use the special buttons like berserk (aka auto-attack) until the final scripts are implemented. Grimenir (of the Polymorph mod) is hard at work building the other OBSE script functions to give YOU the control, this will be added ASAP.

Customizing Your Guar Mount
There are a couple things you can do with minimal CS use, so I have provided details below on how to change your guar's name and skin color (choices being regular, striped, or white skinned.) To start, lets open the CS, click File > Data and check the Oblivion.esm and either LoreCreatures.esp or LCE-Addon.esp (whichever you use). Click OK and wait for the files to load.

Changing Name:
-Browse the Object Window List to Actors > Creatures > Horses > LCGuarMount
-Double click the name to open the creature's options.
-Change Name: Scrappy to whatever you want.
-Click OK to close the window
-Click File > Save at the top of the window and you are done!

Changing Skin Color:
-Browse the Object Window to Actors > Creatures > Horses > LCGuarMount
-Double click the name to open the creature's options.
-In the middle of the window, click the arrow keys to the right of the tabs until you see ModelList.
-Disable the check next to one of the three names (guar, stripedguar, or whiteguar) and turn on the on you want.
-Click the Preview box near the bottom right of this window to preview your change.
-Click OK to close the window
-Click File > Save at the top of the window and you are done!

*NOTE* If you accidently do something wrong, reload the data files and DO NOT save. If you have already saved, I would recommend reinstalling the latest version's default .esp

Conditions for Resource Pack Users
If you are interested in incorporating our resources into your mod, there are a few things I ask out of respect:

-You must include the list of contributing members of modders (found at the top of the page) in your mod's readme or wherever your description and credits of the mod are posted.
-Please do not modify and/or cut and use anything directly out of the main .esp mod, you are welcome to look at how we built everything, but I ask that you do the work yourself.
-You must use unique named directories of all the creatures you use to ensure our mods do not overwrite each other and to help avoid problems if users delete only one of the two mods.

Of course you're welcome to do anything you like if it's only for your personal use. If you have a good, honest reason why you would want to use the mod that would go against any of the items on the list, please PM or email me (check the Contact section on how to reach me) and we'll see what we can work out. I'm an easy going guy, I promise!

Upcoming Additions
This mod will not be finalized until the Werecroc control scripts have been finalized by Grimenir, as time allows I would also like to add more custom sounds by Orix and possibly voice acting to the NPCs found in LCE.

How To Install
Make sure you have a .rar extracting program such as Winrar and then simply open the file, select the data file, meshes, and textures folders and then click "extract". Browse to the hard drive where Oblivion is installed and go to your Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data folder and click ok. The files should be moved to their appropriate directories. Last, start oblivion and BEFORE hitting play, click the splash screen's Data Files option and turn the mod on (a very important step!).

Video Cutscene:
I have an optional video cutscene that has been packed as a seperate file to help reduce file size of the main mod, if you would like to use this please download it from the mirror provided on the hosting site's page in which you found this mod. Your mod does not require use of this file to work but it's strongly recommended that you try it out...it only plays once so if you dont like it simply delete the file and you will have no ill side effects.

How To Uninstall
I recommend keeping a copy of all mods that you download in zipped or rar format so that you may easily browse the contents that were installed in your oblivion\data directory. As with any mod, simply delete all files that were installed new with the mod. If you need further instructions, please contact me by the means listed below.

Known Issues
- As with all mods, cell sharing conflicts are possible, please contact me if you find a mod that conflicts in this way.
- As we have been developing the LCE mod for two months, I definitely do not want to give anyone the impression that we're finished working on the mod, but there are some features that will not be usable until the first content update or later. If you do come across any strange issues you know for sure to be a problem, please PM or send me an email. Please let me know what I can do to resolve the issue wether it be a mod conflict or otherwise.
- When loading the mod in the CS, you may be met with the occasional message telling you that certain nodes are not working for some of the new creatures. This is perfectly normal and has to
do with the new rigging from the old skeleton for the creatures, click "yes to all" its just an annoyance nothing to worry about
- Fur clipping for Frost Giant and Pahmar. If you are aware of a way to correct this problem please contact Grimdeath, Xmarksthespot, Mdogger, or Cryo_ to help resolve this issue. The giant isnt noticable in the cave but at certain angles the pahmar it may be.

More Information
Contact me at the official oblivion forums at www.elderscrolls.com, my name is Grimdeath, or you can email me at [email protected] If you have a specific question about any part of the mod, you are welcome to contact one of the other mod contributors directly. I will refer you if they would be able to answer better then I can.

Again thanks to everyone that helped make this mod possible. There's plenty more to come but enjoy our progress so far!