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NEW OMOD READY V.1.52 Name: Sigil Stones Expanded & Extended Version: 1.52 Date: 10/11/2006 Category: Enchantment/Items - Sigil Stones Requires: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Author: Anytus ([email protected] ) and Tekn0mega (Sigil Stones Expanded v1.5 ) Source:

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Name: Sigil Stones Expanded & Extended
Version: 1.52
Date: 10/11/2006
Category: Enchantment/Items - Sigil Stones
Requires: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Author: Anytus ([email protected] ) and Tekn0mega (Sigil Stones Expanded v1.5 )

If you are not an experienced player then you probably don’t need this mod yet.

If you are an experienced player then you may have noticed a decrease in interest in closing Oblivion gates. If you are like me, you are probably waiting until level 17 or so to even start working those gates.

Once you get the handful or so of decent Sigil stones that benefit your class or style then you probably lose interest in closing gates...unless you need the loot or alchemical ingredients. By that time one has usually found pretty decent enchanted items anyway.

With mods that add more enchanted weapons, armor or clothing, Oblivion gates can become even less rewarding. Mods that slow down leveling and/or increase ones max level can just drag out the inevitable or even make closing gates permanently pointless.

This mod seeks to help make closing Oblivion gates always rewarding no matter how high one may level or how fast or slow one may play.

I started with Sigil Stones Expanded 1.5 and added many more stones. Many of which have multiple buffs and weapon enchantments which are individually rather minor for balance, but should prove to be more useful in certain situations.

At the very least you can now sell Sigil stones for they now all have a price. For those that may chose to decorate with Sigil stones you will find you can pick up all the stones with the Z key like any other movable item, except you won’t get the hand symbol. Also there are new graphics for the Sigil stones that I added as well as Tekn0mega’s original graphics for his stones.

Any more details may be considered spoilers by some people. Details can be found in Spoilers.txt along with other notes about things like game balance.

The Oblivion Plane :)

Install and try to collect all the new Sigil Stones; I doubt you can, at least not anytime soon. :)

OBMM Installation
From OBMM select Create > Add Archive
Find SigilStonesExpanded&Extended1_52.7z in your download directory and select it then click "Open."
Message: "Omod conversion data is available. Would you like to import it?" Click "Yes"
Then "Create Omod"
Message; "Omod created sucessfully" Click "OK"
Find SSEE 1.52 in right pane
Select it and click "Activate"
Make choice depending on what you have installed
Play :)

Manual Installation
For best results with all your mods use Oblivion Mod Manager available at


Extract to your Oblivion\Data folder and use only one of the following esps:

SSEE.esp is for use with standard Oblivion and mods that don’t change magic settings.

SSEE-OOO.esp is for use with Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul. This esp was built with OOO 1.31 installed. Compatibility with other versions is unknown at this time. Since OOO and SSEE both change the level lists for Sigil stones, make sure SSEE-OOO is loaded after OOO.

SSEE-MM.esp is for use with Mighty Magick. This esp was built with MM 5.23 installed. Compatibility with other versions is unknown at this time

IF YOU USE BOTH FULL OOO AND FULL MM use SSEE-MM.esp and make sure MM and SSEE-MM load after OOO.

I suppose some players may choose to use OOO's magic settings instead of MM's by loading OOO after MM. In that case, use SSEE-OOO and make sure it loads after OOO.

If you use the lite version of either then the overriding esps are:
Mighty Magick - Spells and Summoned.esp

Use OBMM for best results. Otherwise, to completely remove this mod manually there is a list of all files in Spoilers.txt.

Known Compatibility
Francesco's optional new items add-on |Thanks Kadath and Roguer
Francesco's optional new creatures add-on. Thanks |
Martigen's Monster Mod |

Unofficial Oblivion Patch - SSEE now includes the typo fixes for Sigil stones that are in UOP. Load SSEE after UOP to get SSEE’s prices on those 4 Sigil stones. You may ignore the conflicts the conflict detector reports.
| Thanks gofftiddums

Only mods that change game settings for magic that I've not made an esp for. Typically the only problem would be changing the max number of uses for Sigil stone enchanted weapons, but only with the highest level Sigil stones. It is possible that some may even become unusable. It appears, so far, the only game setting in question is fMagickaBaseAreaCostMulti.

Known Issues or Bugs
There are many Sigil stones that have multiple effects. Please look at the left side of the Sigil stone enchanting screen and scroll down to see all of them.

It would be wise to expected something to come up with any new release. I'll certainly be at least tweaking something, most likely for game balance. Best to keep in touch at the official Elder Scrolls forum .

1.52 10/12/06Added the typo fixes for Sigil stones that UOP does also for compatibility.

Cleaned up some erroneous cell entries.

Updated and fixed errors and hopefully clarified the readme.

OMOD ready version with installation scripts.

1.51 10/7/2006First release of my additions to Tekn0mega’s Sigil Stones Expanded v1.5

I would prefer being contacted at ESF in the official release thread for Sigil Stones Expanded & Extended; may be easiest by searching posts for my nick Anytus .

One may also send me email at [email protected] , however, I get spammed a lot so I may never see at least put Sigil Stones in the subject.


Big thanks to:

Tekn0mega for making Sigil Stones Expanded and for graciously allowing me to use and build onto his work.

Bethesda for making a great game.

Timeslip for making Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM) and I’m sure many other things I’m not recalling at the moment.

Ian Patterson (ianpatt) and Stephen Abel (behippo) for Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) and for all the wonderful mods that couldn’t exist without it.

TESsource for hosting all the mods.

The makers of Nifscope and Gimp , two FREE programs that made this mod possible.

lhammonds (Conan_Lon) for making the tutorial on using OBMM where I also found a template for this readme.

All the Morrowind and Oblivion modders that I’ve forgotten to thank far more times than I’d care to admit.

All those helping in the thread: gofftiddums, Kadath, Naarifin and Roguer

If you would like to use any of Tekn0mega’s work you will have to contact him at [email protected] .

You are free to use any of my work with appropriate credit. All my Sigil stones have art that I made myself following Tekn0mega’s examples. The inventory icons for the stones I added I made myself using screenshots and are good way to distinguish mine from his.