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Added: 12/09/2006 - 04:55PM
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The Pirate Isles BETA
Version 0.71
Author:Dark Soul
Contact: [email protected]
Known as dark_soul on the official elderscrolls forums.
Visit the Pirate Isles Project Forum: http://chorrol.com/forums/index.php?showforum=44

Simply extract the files to the Oblibion/data folder. The files need to be in the following places for everything to work properly:
- Check the file "DSPirateIsleBETA.esp" is in the Oblivion/Data/ folder
- Check the "SmallRumKeg.nif" is in the Oblivion/Data/meshes/DSPIModels/ folder
You may need to create the /meshes/DSPImodels/ folder. It is very important
you spell this correctly for the models to show up in game.

- Fixed doors to ships in Yakudra
- Pirates in the bottom of the Bilge Monkey are random, as originally planned.
- Slaughterfish about the boats in combat.
- Cargo Manifests now appear in a little chest inside merchants cabin.
- Fixed doors between levels on merchant ships.
- Fixed start to work with QuickStart Mods.
- Locked more doors.
- Fixed Medilo Dratha.
- Put journal on top of chest in the Crimson Ark, to make what happened to you more obvious

1. To start, simply sleep in a bed somewhere for a couple of hours, usually at least 4 hours to make sure the script triggers.
1B. Nothing happens? try sleeping for longer. Still nothing? Send me a PM.
2. Can't find the vintage rum? Where do you get rum...? Try the tavern, or maybe someone with a bit of money will have some in their house...
3. I'm level 11! why don't i have a hideout? Because you need a pirate rating of 11. Pirate rating can be improved by looting, and specific quests. (Note you need a rating of 11 due to a small mistake on my behalf.)
4. Where do i check my rating? Theres a journal in the Black Moon Cabin that will tell you your rating. Theres also a journal on the desk in the Pirate Hideout - Upper Level.
5. Where are the hireable people for the hideout? Try the taverns. Talk to everyone, "Those with something to say usually have a lot on their minds."
6. Why can't i get the brewery upgrade? Cause its not in the beta.
7. Where are the hireable captains for my hideout? You need a pirate rating of 40 and 60 respectively to unlock them. They will appear in the Bilge Monkey once you have reached that level.

The Pirate Isles BETA - IMPORTANT!!!
This is the beta release of my mod, The Pirate Isles.
The beta is bug free (to my knowledge), but is not the final version.
In this beta you can purchase a ship, hire one of three different first mates, and hire a crew.
Once you have your crew you can go looting! Each time you loot your pirate rating goes up, get a high enough rating
and you can acquire an upgradeable hideout!

What does the Pirate Isles BETA add?
- You can acquire a pirate ship!
- Hire yon dastardly crew!
- An island with a piratey town, where you can hire new crewmembers etc.
- The ability to take your ship and crew and raid the high seas,
specifically looting merchant ships and fighting the navy!
- 3 Different First Mates to give your orders to, a warrior, an archer, and a general first mate.
- A slightly bizarre adventure related to skooma.
- Work your pirate fame up and acquire you own upgradeable island hideout.
- Some basic pirate classes to choose from, namely the corsair and swashbuckler
- A second island town, less piratey, with a Navy Outpost.
- Work your pirate fame up and new ships will join your fleet.
- Capture prisoners on your raids and sell them to slavers.

All the islands and interiors are seperate cells, there is no modification of the mainland of Tamriel at all.
I suggest you start a new character to play my mod to get the most of the experience.

Whats the difference between the BETA and the final version?
The main difference is the main quest is missing from the beta.
I am putting this out to see what people think of the hiring and control system of the pirates, as well as the looting, i would like to hear your
feedback, either head to the official forums and join in on the discussion (search for Pirate Isles Beta) or look on chorrol.com forums
under mod projects. (may or may not be there yet) If you don't wander the forums you can email me, but i prefer people to join in the discussion
on the forums!

Heres what else I plan to add after i get feedback from the beta:
- More pirates hanging out at the hideout.
- More commands available through first mate, including hiring of crew.
- Morale for your crew, need to pay them every week or mutiny!
- High pirate fame leads to attacks by bounty hunters etc. It will actually give you a reputation (not just a number)
- Buried treasure quest (what pirate story would be without it!?)
- Everything from the beta release!
- 2 More first mates, one a wizard
- Governers daughter quest! (what pirate mod could be without one)
- Governers son quest (for the ladie pirates amongst us)
- Major imperial port.
- Possibly voices

Thanks to my Quality Assurance Boss, Adam, for finding bugs, testing for me and coming up with some good ideas.
Thanks to Quarn who shrunk the barrel and added physics to it for the Rum Keg.