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This mod takes Mazoga the Orc's story to a new level. It adds new quests, dungeons, weapons, and armor, all focusing on the Knights of the White Stallion.

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This mod takes Mazoga the Orc's story to a new level. It adds new quests, dungeons, weapons, and armor, all focusing on the Knights of the White Stallion. The new quests and dungeons focus on dramatically expanding the Knights' conflict with the Black Bow bandits, as well as making both the Knights and the Black Bow more vibrant and interesting. Learn why Count Leyawiin hates the Bandits so much. Save the Count's missing daughter. Confront the Black Bow leader, Gafgarian The Black. Gain your own White Stallion mount and perhaps even become captain of the Knights, giving you access to the Captain's Hall and a special Hollowed Minotaur's Horn that can be blown to call your mighty steed. The White Stallion Lodge is dramatically expanded and remade. A roaring good time for good-guy types.
-Summary by Dev_Akm

New Quests:
-Black Bow collection quest, Implemented.
--Collect 20 black Bows and receive a "Knight's Blade".
---If you are unsure where Black Bows can be found, follow Mazoga on her hunting trips to see which dungeons house the Black bandits. These dungeons are some of the best in the game and reset every three days for more Black Bow Goodness!
--Collect a second set of 20 to get your very own White Stallion & the opportunity to go on a personal quest for The Count.

-Become the Knight-Captain of the order
--Travel to Blackbow Stronghold in search of the Count's missing daughter and the chance to be promoted to the Captain and gain access to the Captain's hall!
---To start this quest, you must complete the "Black Bow Colection" quest, and turn in 40 bows.

New Dungeon:
-Black Bow Hold is a new "Castle styled Dungeon" found along the southern coast southwest fo Leyawiin. Its occupied with the remnant of the Black Bow Bandits and their true leader! The Black Bow may be found here, along with the reason as to why the Count Leyawiin hates the Bandits so much. It Includes:
--The Black Bow bandit's leader, Gafgarian The Black.
--The Black Bow.
--A 3 Level Castle style Dungeon.
--Over a dozen Black Bow Bandits guarding the fortress.
--4 New Black Bow bandits added to where you find all Black Bow bandits.
--2 Bosses.

White Stallion Lodge Remade:
-Much larger inside and out, with 100% Leyawiin arcitechture.
--Includes stables out back.
--Includes 5 Knights and 3 Squires who follow your commands.
--Exterior size doubled to include the Captain's hall.
-All containers are safe for player storage.
-Lodge Rooms Inlcude:
--Main Hall, with Office, Dining Room.
--Training room with storage and trophy room.
--2 Large self-contained barracks & a Sergeant's Quarters.

-The Captain's Hall includes
--Main hall, with Shrines to Zenithar and the Nine divines to recieve your blessings. A Dining area and bedroom complete with labeled containers.
--Basement with Mage's Office and Warrior's Training room.
--Trophy room with multi-colored and organized display cases and two large tables with the "Knight's Blade" "Knight's Avenger" "Knight's Claymore" and "Knight's Longsword" Unique Weapons collection.

-Call your white Stallion with a blast from your Hollowed Minotaur's horn as Knight-Captain.

-New White Stallion Tapestry present in several loctaions within the Lodge and Captain's Hall.

New Weapons and Armor:
-New set of armor "White Stallion Cuirass" in both light/heavy versions.
--Heavy armor is slightly better then legion and the light armor is slightly better then Guard's armor.
--The armor is found in the Office room of White Stallion Lodge.

-The Black Bow & Blackthorn
--An enchanted charcoal colored bow and longsword are weilded by the leader of the Black Bow bandits in his lair.

-The Knight's Blade
--The "Knight's Blade" will be rewarded to you when you turn in 20 Black Bows. It is a very well made Steel-Longsword.

-The Captain's Gear
--"Knight's Avenger" "Knight's Claymore" and "Knight's Longsword" Added to Captain's hall Trophy Room. All three swords have slightly different stats.
--"Aegis of Leyawiin" Heavy Shield Added to Captain's hall Trophy Room.
---The shield is a weaker version of the "Spellbreaker" daedric Artifact.
--Knight Captain's Armor, with a new texture using the Crusaders armor Mesh (Requires KotN to be installed, but not active)
--Knight Captain's Helmet

Faction Perks:
-Citizens of Leyawiin have improved disposition with Knights of the White Stallion.
-Knights of the White Stallion pay slightly reduced fines.

The Knights & Squires:
-Sir Gailer Ramuald, Imperial Knight
-Sir Radd Hard-Heart, Nord Knight
-Sir Kael-Tharious, Altmer Spell-Sword
-Sir Rampart The Blind, Bosmer Rogue
-Sir Cleitanious O'Keefious, Imperial Knight and Blacksmith
-Squire Ramziah, Imperial Theif
-Squire Weigrafious, Imperial Warrior
-Squire Vincent Mirna, Breton Warlock
-Guard Dog "Jean" who guards the Horses and follows Rampart on thie hunting missions
--All Knights eat Breakfast, Dinner, chat in the evenings, train in the mornings. They will spend the morning in the Chapel in Leyawiin on Sundays, each go to their favorite shop on Saturdays and guard the lodge on Fridays. Follow them around and see what they do and where they like to shop. They also have rotating Guard Duty.

Black Bandit Raids:
On a weekly basis 2 Black Bow raiding partys will try to attack the lodge.
The Lodge's occupants will be prepared to defend the lodge!