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Decorator Assistant V 1.1 I. Introduction The new Physics system in Oblivion can be a lot of fun, but it makes decorating your house a frustrating experience. Items spin out of control and knock each other over. Try to place a book on a bookshelf or a sword on a weapon rack! It can take forever. There are mods out there that address specif

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Decorator Assistant V 1.1

I. Introduction
The new Physics system in Oblivion can be a lot of fun, but it makes decorating your house a frustrating experience. Items spin out of control and knock each other over. Try to place a book on a bookshelf or a sword on a weapon rack! It can take forever. There are mods out there that address specific areas(the Book Placement Mod by Jepter), but not every item in the game.

This mod will allow you to place EVERY item in the game with exact precision! It will even allow you to place custom items. You can place weapons on a sword rack, set dishes, place books whatever you want. If you can pick it up the Decorator Assistant will work.

There are two different versions included in this download. One version is for regular Oblivion and the other one requires the awesome Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE). You should use either one esp or the other, not both.

The OBSE esp requires at least version 5. You can get the most recent version of OSE here: http://obse.silverlock.org/

II. Installation
Copy the file DecoratorAssistant.esp into your oblivion\data folder.

III. Usage for Decorator Assistant v1.1 or Decorator Assistant with OBSE v1.1

Purchase the spells "Summon Decorator Assistant" and "Hide Decorator Assistant" from Calindel in the Mystic Emporium which is located in the Imperial City.

Cast the spell "Summon Decorator Assistant". This will summon the Decorator Assistant to your current position. The Decorator Assistant look like a small altar, but it is much more then that.

Using the "grab" key pick up the item that you wish to place. Drag the item directly over the Decorator Assistant. It should glow briefly once the Decorator Assistant has selected the item. You will notice that the item will no longer rotate around as you move it, but the rotation is locked in place! Also if you release the item it will drift slowly down to the ground. Clicking on the Decorator Assistant will give you a number of choices to help you place your item perfectly. Please note you do not have to be "grabbing" the item in order to activate the Decorator Assistant nor does the item have to be "over" the Decorator Assistant. Once you have selected the item with the Decorator all of the choices will impact the current item. Also you can only effect one item at a time with the Decorator. Selecting another item will release the one you are currently working on and select the new one.

Decorator Assistant Choices:

Rotate X Axis, Y-Axis, Z-Axis
Rotates the item a fixed amount along the Axis Picked. The Rotation Amount is set on the option "Change Rotation Amount".

Change Rotation Amount
Allows you to pick the degrees to rotate your item when using the Rotate X-Y-Z Axis choice. The current choices are 1 Degree, 5 Degrees, 15 Degrees, 45 Degrees and 90 Degrees. The default is 45 degrees.

Hold In Place / Release Hold In Place
When this button is selected the items position becomes completely static. You can still change the objects rotation using the Rotate Axis buttons. Using the "grab" key toss your item in the air, click on the Decorator and then select this button. Your item will become frozen in mid air! This allows you to set the items rotation perfectly. Once you have set the items rotation select "Release Hold In Place" button. Then place your item where you want it. Please note this is only temporary, you must use the command "Lock In Place - Permanent" to lock your item in place permanently.

Releases the item from the Decorator Assistant scripts. You can still pick the item up and place it on the decorator again.

Lock In Place - Permanent
Using the commands will completely lock your item in place until you pick it up again! You can bump into the item or hit the item with another item, but it will not move. You can even suspend items in midair or hang them on the wall. They are there for good. This is similar to the Hold In Place command, but you can Lock down multiple items at the same time. They will never release until you pick them up. Once you select this command you will no longer be able to change the rotation or move the current item unless you pick it up and drop it.

Return to Starting Position
This command repositions the item over the Decorator and it sets the items starting angles to 0. Use this command when you want to start over again on a particular item.

Do Nothing
Like it says, this will cause you to exit the Decorator Assistant Menu with out doing anything.

Once you are done with the assistant cast the spell "Hide Decorator Assistant". This will remove the Decorator Assistant from your area.

IV. Special Features using OBSE
The following features are ONLY available if you are using Decorator Assistant with OBSE v1.1. Note, you still have access to all of the commands in the regular version that was listed above.

Using OBSE you can now rotate your items with a single keystroke.

Here is a list of the key codes

COMMA (,)Rotates your item along the X-Axis
PERIOD(.)Rotates your item along the Y-Axis
SLASH(/)Rotates your item along the Z-Axis

SHIFTHold down the shift key while you press one of the above keys causes your item to rotate in the opposite direction

M KeyTemporary Hold In Place - Allows you to execute command without clicking on the Decorator

Switching the hot keys
If you do not like the current hot keys you can switch them to another key using the following steps.

1. Get the WINDOWS key code for the button you want to bind the command to. Use this listing to determine the correct code: http://www.tronan.com/macromachine/scripthelp/VK.htm
2. Open the console by pressing the tilde button (~)
3. type in the following
Set bcDecoratorQuest.X_Control To XXX
Set bcDecoratorQuest.Y_Control To XXX
Set bcDecoratorQuest.Z_Control To XXX
Set bcDecoratorQuest.Position_Lock_key To XXX

You should substitute the key code for XXX

V. Known Issues
Currently, Oblivion will let you rotate your items through another item, including the floor. When a item is rotated through another item it can "fall" right through the other object!

If this happens you should click on the Decorator and click "Return to Starting Position". This will move your item back to the Decorator. You should always rotate your item in an open area. Simply grab your item, scan it into the decorator and move it into an open spot. Click on "Hold In Place" and then rotate your item to the proper position. Once you have your item at the correct angle click on "Release Hold In Place" and place your item. Once the item is placed either press the "Release" button or the "Lock In Place - Permanent" button.

VI. Uninstallation
Simply unselect the Decorator Assistant esp from the main Oblivion start menu. Note that any items you have "Locked in place" will no longer be locked. And if you have placed the item at an impossible position, such as on the wall it will fall to the ground when you enter the cell.

VII. Credits
Many thanks to hardworking people over in the Oblivion Construction Set Forum, especially Scruggswuggys The Ferret. Also to Jepter for providing the initial inspiration for this mod.