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  1. keganthehuman
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    huh... I thought this was a mod so my high elf could fly
  2. DragonSlayer667
    • member
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    Exactly 10 years later and here am i, necro-ing this posted mod to...
    What do you mean the mod owner is banned?
    Well, Alexander Wolf, if you happen to be gawking at this as a guest, let it be known that your mod has been the material of countless giggles and amazing roleplay on both my game and my cousin's game, as i've mercilessly whipped him into acquiring a taste for mods, which he now thanks me for.
    We have run through many characters with several different wings and personalities, good or evil, smart or stupid, for many different reasons, and as oblivion gets left into second plane as the years go by, we will not forget the fun, the laughs, and the difficult tamriel-world-changing decisions made by khajiits with weird fairy wings flying on dragons because the wings were too small to fly big humanoid cats.

    Proves that sometimes you don't need a lot of complexity to entertain your typical RPG guy for several years!
  3. withercreed71
    • member
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    the chests not appears in the statue.
  4. RPGKing117
    • supporter
    • 20 posts
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    item location not clear enough got stuck stuck in oblivion gate... jk but really add freaking pics of locations
    1. Znakoma
      • supporter
      • 46 posts
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      There's been pictures of the location uploaded since 2008.
  5. leahasha
    • member
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    were do you even get them?????
    1. wolvenlord
      • premium
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      Near the statue in front of Slash n Smash in IC market.
  6. mightyste777
    • member
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    Excellent! Thanks for a very nice Mod you Created. Keep up the good Work your doing! Thank You. Alexander Wolf!
  7. Alexander Wolf
    Alexander Wolf
    • BANNED
    • 116 posts
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    Hello everyone... long time no see. Thank you for downloading and admiring my mod. I have not touched anything oblivion related in almost 2 years. I see some of you have had problems and questions regarding it, I have lost all my oblivion modding data and do not mod, currently, anymore.

    PS For those wishing to use the wings in a mod, please do so freely with out asking. I do not mind .

    As of this time I am sorry to inform but will not be able to help out anyone as I have dropped out of modding 3 years ago. I do though, plan on picking up modding for Skyrim with Armors, Wings, and much more.
    1. BloodMercenary
      • member
      • 187 posts
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      Thank you Alexander..endorsed
  8. courtney1337
    • supporter
    • 95 posts
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    I love the wings! Is there any way to add animation to them? Endorsed!
  9. Poweren
    • member
    • 123 posts
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    please can you make a porting for Skyrim?
  10. Angel100
    • member
    • 80 posts
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    hi i was wanted to request please can you create a flying mod like
    "Alexanders Wings"


    a fairy version for skyrim please no 1 have yet created any flying mods with wings yet and i miss to fly with wings can you please create it ?

    with Kind regards