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Mouse Wheel to Scroll through Hotkeys - Plus Shortcuts to Repair Hammer and Alchemy Mortar - Also, Hotkey 1 after lockpicking

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Mod to use the mouse wheel to scroll through the Hotkeys.

OBSE Plugin

Uses Keydown to register the movement of the mouse wheel, then TapKey to press the "current" hotkey.

I'm stopping the camera movement by setting fVanityModeWheelMult to 0.  So you cannot modify the camera movement.

I also added shortcuts to the repair and alchemy menus.

- M : Alchemy Menu
- N : Repair Menu

The mod equips the best mortar you have.

Finally, I was tired of reselecting a combat spell after using a lockpicking spell to unlock a door or chest.
Using the mod, after casting one of the vanilla lockpicking spell, the spell (or item) of the hot key 1 is selected.
I was keeping my main combat spell at 1 and a lockpicking spell at 5.

The mod adds a book to the player.  The book contains the script.