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Adds immersive and dangerous swimming to Oblivion. Your character must now train their athletics and maintain their fatigue if they wish to survive the water.

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Swimming is an activity that takes coordination, stamina, and buoyancy to achieve. If you don't have all three, you're sinking to the depths. This mod ties your character's swimming ability to their stats. Namely. athletics, fatigue, and encumbrance.

This mod forces you to think about your swimming trips a little more. You may be slowed down, or even drowned if not careful. If your skill is too low, or you run into other problems, potions, spells, and food can all be used to help keep you afloat.

Settings file for all the important variables is included. Named: "Stat_Based_Swimming.ini". LINK support is also included.

Swimming Mechanics:
  • Your swimming skill is your athletics level + a bonus for the water breathing effect. (default 10 extra levels)
  • While swimming, you will no longer naturally regenerate fatigue. Instead, you will lose fatigue at a rate based on your swim skill.
  • The base swimming time is 10 seconds. Enough to get out of the water. Upon hitting swimming skill 15, you gain more time each level. (default 3)
  • Water breathing allows you to regenerate fatigue at half its natural rate if you stay still.
Encumbrance Mechanics:
  • Swimming with too much weight on your character will cause them to "sink". (see Drowning Mechanics)
  • Your max swimming encumbrance is directly based on your swimming skill. 35 swimming skill allows for 35% max encumbrance. (balancing setting included)
  • If you start to sink from too much weight, there is a message that will display to tell you your max allowed encumbrance. (setting to disable)
  • NOTE: The message displayed may have a small rounding error. Expect your max allowed encumbrance to be 1 or 2 points less than it says to never be wrong.
Drowning Mechanics:
  • Your character will start to "struggle" and slow down when they have less than 5% fatigue left. (setting to disable)
  • Upon reaching 0 fatigue, you are knocked down and start to drown. Water breathing will allow you to continue swimming at a slow speed instead.
  • While "sunk" below the water, the surface will become like glass and stop all movement if you try to reach for air.
  • Because swimming direction is based on camera position, you must slightly tilt your camera down if you are moving forward, and slightly tilt up if moving backwards. This only applies while near the surface of the water. This is designed to feel natural once you get used to it.
  • If you are close to a shore, stairs, or ramp, you can use that slopped surface to push yourself out of the water and save yourself from drowning.

This mod is most likely incompatible with any other mods that try to "drown," "sink," or otherwise affect the player while swimming. This is also a single-script mod, making it perfect for merging.

You will not be properly drowned if the water is too shallow. If you feel like you are getting stuck too easily while "sinking," moving sideways will always work.

Be careful about drowning if you have a mod that makes the player "essential" or "immortal." You may be stuck in the water until you reload.

Argonians start with the highest base athletics skill and natural water breathing upon creation. This automatically makes them a much better swimmer than any other race.

I hope you enjoy! Let me know if see any issues or things to change/add.