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A simply good, vanilla-friendly overhaul of the Chorrol player home.

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Simply Good Arborwatch
Arborwatch is a nice little house, in a nice city. Unfortunately the default house upgrades add barely any objects and make the entire building look depressingly empty.

This mod will not skip these upgrades and simply give you a ton of free stuff - It uses the existing upgrade system to give you a prettier, more realistically decorated home. So, if you haven't already done so, you still need to go to "Northern Goods and Trade" and buy your upgrades there.

There are also some larger changes:
  • The servants room has been replaced with a mages lab
  • The small bedroom has been replaced with a storage room, making the "Suite" the main bedroom
  • The study area and dinner area have switched positions 

No new models and textures have been added with this mod. The interior design aims to copy the vanilla style.

This mod is based on Arborwatch Mage's Lab House Upgrade (Of which i am also a mod author)