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An OBSE plugin the correct some bugs in the game engine.

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AveSithis Engine Fixes is an OBSE plugins that fix some issues inside the game engine.

Bug Fixes included:
  • Fix Crash when referencing  XML Prefabs using Normal slashes "/" instead of backslash "\" when packed inside a BSA.  This allow to pack DarnUI XML, as they would crash without this fix.
  • Fixed Water bugs that can occur when the special material "Lava" is used inside a mesh to render a water surface outside the cell water plane.
  • Fixed a crash Calling SetLevel on actors equipping a bow
  • Prevent disabling of the Reflection Shader when  using MSAA with a non Nvidia GPU
  • Prevent disabling of MSAA when bAllowScreenshot is enabled

Other Patches included:
  • Zlib Update. It replace the ZLIB function in the game with functions from a modern version of ZLIB. Initial test seems to suggest lower loading times, but more tests are necessary to see if it's truly useful or not. Disabled by default, require a CPU with SSE2 instructions

Last 2 bug fixes where already fixed in Oblivion Reloaded some times ago. However as they are pure and stable fixes, and doesn't require nor aren't required by OR changes,  I thought  that I should offer these stand alone. These changes will be removed from OR 11, however version of OR that still include these (like E3 or Combined or previous version of official Oblivion Reloaded) will remain totally compatible with this plugin.

Extract the archive into the Oblivion/Data or install with a mod manager

Enabling ZLib update:
Open the AveSithisEngineFixes.ini in Oblivion\Data\OBSE\Plugins and change UpdateZlib=0 to UpdateZlib=1

Yinsolaya and slowpard, for having made me aware of a reproducer of the Water bug, helped with the investigation and tested the fix.
Arthmoor for creating the mod which helped to isolate the issue
WallSoGB for the idea of zlib update (for NV)