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This is a New World project - based on Skyrim.

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No Riverwood, no Helgen and no Whiterun at this point of my travel.
!::! Fred
Update for Riften ++ available.
Fortification as markers.
I have set up some fortifications as markers instead of dull heaps of no nothing terrain. Better impression and to be inspired on. The new version has a tidied Riften installed. I have no idea where it is possible to continue my campaign to revive a fabulous game among others from Bethesda. Skyrim and Oblivion are still my favourites - even compared with HL2 and Doom2.
I bike a lot since it keeps me partly sane - the part I love to keep up which give me darlings like these you are looking at now. I am not a teambuilder but I love when authors inspire me and contribute in different ways.
!::! Fred
Stroti has saved my day in more than one way during my campaign: StrotisOldMill -42879-
Thank you for endorsements geodragen and Room207

New version uploaded. Riften is chaos but not without hope. Falkreath has become a darling which I deeply reckommend. I used the same versions #. Smart of me some of my friends pointed out.
!::! Fred

As things work beyond expectation I am doing some tidying and creating paths on the go. Helgen is still a soar point I am not a dragon I will let Helgen go for  a while. 2 possible candidates then Riverwood and Whiterun.
Comments are welcome!

Falkreath, Helgen and Riften are set up for users to contribute or help with a proper New World Status. A map is needed too. Read the texts that follow the images. A teleport point is set up in my mod in the southeast corner of Falkreath. You willl see it when running my mod.
The MAP issue is solved. It was just a matter of finding the correct menues and adjust them ackordingly :)
I am happy again!
!::! Fred