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.bat files each with 2 console commands that control opening and closing of oblivion gates.

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Two console commands are utilized:

set MQ00.AllowGatesToReopen to # (1=oblivion gates can reopen after being closed; 0=oblivion gates cannot reopen)
set MQ00.RandomGateChance to # (determines chance of closed oblivion gates reopening; # can be 0-100)

OpenGates.bat contains the commands:

set MQ00.AllowGatesToReopen to 1
set MQ00.RandomGateChance to 100

CloseGates.bat contains the commands:

set MQ00.AllowGatesToReopen to 0
set MQ00.RandomGateChance to 0


1. Extract .7z file via 7zip
2. Open one of the .txt files
3. Go to "File"
4. Select "Save As..."
5. In the "File name:" field, change the file extension from ".txt" to ".bat"
6. In the "Save as type:" field, select the "All Files (*,*)" option
7. Save the file to your Oblivion root folder (where Oblivion.exe is located)
8. Repeat steps 2-7 for the other .txt file
9. Load your game as normal
10. Open the console
11. Enter the following command:

bat opengates.bat

If you wish for oblivion gates to not reopen, enter the following command into the console:

bat closegates.bat