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Adds a new cuirass, Dark Scale Cuirass, to the leveled lists. Created using an HGEC/Roberts conversion of Wikinger9048's Vampire Cuirass modder's resource.

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This mod adds a new cuirass, Dark Scale Cuirass, to the leveled lists. It was created using an HGEC/Roberts conversion of Wikinger9048's Vampire Cuirass modder's resource.

I took Wikinger9048's Vampire Cuirass modding resource, converted the mesh to fit the HGEC and Roberts male body types, and added it to Oblivion as a new cuirass.
The new cuirass is called Dark Scale Cuirass, it has the stats of an Ebony cuirass, and its located in Ebony leveled lists.

1. Vampire Cuirass by Wikinger9048 - You need this for the textures.
2.RobertMaleBodyReplacerV52 and/or HG EyeCandy Body - It probably doesn't need these, since there is only a small sliver of skin showing at the neck, but I recommend them anyway.

1. Download and install Vampire Cuirass by Wikinger9048
2. Download my mod, unzip the file, and place the file called "data" in your Oblivion directory folder and confirm any messages asking to overwrite any files.

Special Thanks
1. Wikinger9048 for creating Vampire Cuirass for providing me with assets.
2. ElAlquimista's Vanilla Gear Redux for providing me with assets.
3. Seamless - OCOv2 for providing me with assets.