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Bandits, Conjurers, Marauders and Necromancers eat and sleep at different times of day

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This mod adds AI Packages to generic enemy NPCs, so that they have schedules for eating and sleeping at different times of day. They now have food in their inventories, and they will usually look for a place to sit down and eat. Conjurers and Necromancers didn't have sleep schedules previously. If enemies can't sleep or eat, they will simply wander like before.

It's now more likely to find enemies eating or sleeping when entering a dungeon. Enemies will also move around the areas more, especially when looking for a place to eat or sleep. This can bring a little variety to dungeons.

I ended up adding the food directly to the inventories of these NPCs, because without it they often got stuck trying to reach some sack of food. They would also murder their allies for their food, if there wasn't any other option.