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Slows down Oblivion's cartoony and unrealistic character running and walking speed to something more reasonable.

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Oblivion's running speed is comically fast and unnatural, only made worse at high levels of athletics and speed where you can zip around faster than a horse. This mod reduces the running and walking speed to a considerably slower, but still fair level. At high athletics and speed you can still go quite fast but you have to work for it and it won't be as imbalanced as vanilla.

To compensate for the globally slower movement speed, encumbrance speed penalties have been lowered (same tweak as Ascension) so you aren't ridiculously slow in heavy armor or when carrying a lot.

This only edits a few game settings, so compatibility should be good. Bashed Patch mergeable.

This mod contains an intentional ITM to ensure speed values don't get screwed up by other mods. Do not clean the plugin.

Before using the console, this video was taken on a character with the lowest stats possible, but no armor or inventory weight. Effectively, this should demonstrate average speed.