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A small mod that replaces meshes and textures for wolves in vanilla and optionally Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul with 2K or 4K body textures and hand sculped meshes inspired by IRL wolves.

Permissions and credits
Update! As of 1.2, this mod grew a lot in scope! Including 4K textures (optional 2K coming!) for the vanilla wolf + the three MOO wolves. And then brand new much more detailed eyes, and edited eye mesh to be less bulging on all wolves.
I have also altered the UV maps of the head and body to reduce texture seams. 

Heya all! Small mod today, been kinda weary lately and am hoping this will provide a nice accomplishment boost haha. 

Anywho, I've been wanting to do something about the wolves in Oblivion for a while now, and I've finally been successful in touching them up a bit! Using the vanilla wolf mesh and Outfit Studio, I modified it a bit to better differentiate wolves from dogs in the game, and to give them a more wolfish and majestic look to them. 

The main modifications I made from the original body mesh was the following:
Reshaped the ears.
Thicker limbs.
Larger paws and claws.
Reshaped tail to be a little less like a beaver while still being lush.
Fuller/more muscular body
Smoothed down some rough edges.

For MOO/vanilla body replacer, here are the differences.

Common wolf: A little skinnier but still bulkier than the old vanilla models.
Timber/Base Game: MOO timber replacer matches the vanilla replacer for consistency. 
Dire wolf: Even larger paws/claws, more muscular, adjusted ears and raised heckles/mane. 

All wolves' eyes: New textures, normalmap, and reshaped eye mesh to be less bulging.
4K textures for all wolves (optional 2K coming!) with said texture options staying as true to the original style of the wolves as possible, while also adding a small unique and natural flair. 

If someone wants me to replace more wolves in different mods, lemme know! I'll happily investigate the possibility.

Please do not comment complaining about: Curled tails, and face not being altered.
If I could solve these two things, I would have, but alas, due to different reasons, I cannot at this time. Once I can, you can bet that I will. 

CinnaMewRoll for Lifelike Eye Normalmaps
TrollBerserker for Wolf Color Variants  and Animal/Monster Retextures
OpusGlass for Texture Upgrader GIMP script
pEccentric for Bright Eye Texture Replacer

Tools used:
Outfit Studio
Texture Upscaler