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You can no longer alter your direction while in mid-air! Jumping physics now behave like many other games!

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I Can't Believe It's Not Vanilla!

You can't alter your direction while in mid-air!

Jumping physics now behave like many other games, and feel more realistic!

Better look before you leap...
You CAN'T alter your direction with the arrow keys while in mid-air!
You CAN slow your momentum in order to simulate the character choosing to jump near or far.

Water Jump Fix:
You can only jump while swimming if your Acrobatics Skill is 100.
In the Vanilla game, only Masters of Acrobatics should be able to jump off the surface of the water,
but this was never necessary because even a Novice can jump out of the water repeatedly like a fish.


You can still move the mouse and look around while in the air.
You may be able to change your direction doing this, but it's more difficult to pull off.
In the future, I may make a version which disables Mouse Look if anybody wants that.

You should be able to enable and disable this mod at will, I think. 


This IS compatible with ORC's gravity changes.

This may not be compatible with mods that add things like levitation.
I will try to work on incompatibilities with other, more extravagant mods.

As of this mod's release, I'm not aware of any bugs.
Let's work together to find and fix any bugs!

Thank You for checking out my mods!
Your endorsement really helps!