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Rebalances the unique merchant items to actually be worth purchasing.

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The unique merchant items in Oblivion suck. What's the point of giving the player the option of buying strong gear instead of questing for it if it's terrible and hardly worth using? Even with rebalance mods, the merchant items are still underwhelming and not worth even considering using. This mod makes the following changes to them:

-Negative enchantment effects on almost all merchant items have been removed, and in most cases replaced with appropriate positive effects.

-Remaining positive effects have been buffed or rebalanced to more reasonable levels. The few items with negative effects remaining make sense and aren't just there for no reason.

-Effects themselves have been changed in a lot of cases to make more sense with the item. The Cowl of the Druid fits its namesake, the Helm of the Deep Delver now actually helps you with deep delving, etc.

-Stats of the items have been set to what type of equipment they actually are. If the item is a pair of ebony gauntlets, its stats are equal to ebony gauntlets. If it's steel greaves, the stats will be equal to steel greaves. This also fixes the ridiculous vanilla value.

Install with your mod manager of choice. The ESP is mergeable into the Bashed Patch and has the appropriate Bash Tags.

Should work fine with other mods as long as you load this later and use a Bashed Patch. Proper tags are applied and the ESP is mergeable. UOP changes have been forwarded but it is not required.

Load fairly late in your load order.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

That's all... enjoy!