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Prevents a select few skill boosts (Skeleton Key, Gray Prince's Training, Night Mother's Blessing) in the game from blocking attribute increases by changing how these boosts are added to the player. See detailed description...

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SB - Skill Bonus Items
Requires: xOBSE
(xOBSE - Github Page)


There are certain permanent skill bonus the player receives in the game (Skeleton Key, Gray Prince's Training, Night Mother's Blessing) that come in the form of a fortify skill effect that essentially adds to your base skill level, this has the adverse effect of preventing the player from continuing to level up these skills in order to increase attributes, particularly when the skill reaches 100. See below from UESP Oblivion Wiki:


This mod changes these skill boosts to be added via xOBSE script effects. These skill boosts no longer count towards the players base skill level, so skills can still be increased at the natural rate and attributes can be leveled fully.

Script effects come with proper messaging and effect-shaders to fit seamlessly into game play.

I have chosen to add these effects via misc. items, similar to how "Scales of Pitiless Justice" from the Dark Brotherhood quest works. Effects could have been added directly but I think this adds more flavour, and gives the option to remove the bonus at any time. When the item is in your inventory you get the bonus, when the item is dropped the bonus is removed.

Works on current save games, will simply remove the old effect and add the new items and effects.

Items Added:

1. Skeleton Key (Key):

- Now adds "Nocturnal's Blessing" +40 Security.
- Two options; Skeleton Key remains as an unbreakable lock pick, OR, Skeleton Key provides a skill boost only. Choose one.

2. Gray Prince's Training Manual (Book):

- Now adds "Gray Prince's Training" +3 Athletics, Blade, Block.

3. Night Mother's Blessing (Trinket):

- Now adds "Night Mother's Blessing" +2 Acrobatics, Blade, Marksman, Security, Sneak.

Compatibility: Edits two dialogues and one Skeleton Key script as seen in screenshots. UOP changes have been forwarded where appropriate. Should not be used with other skeleton key mods that provide alternate solutions to this issue. eg:Uncapped Skeleton Key.

Thanks to the xOBSE team.