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Adds a town in county anvil, on the road to lord drad's estate - right next to atrene camp. Comes with a purchasable player home (base price 31,245), farm, mages' and fighters' guild outposts, fence, town hall with shrine and general store (warehouse). NPCs have full daily schedules. Should be compatible with UL. Cleaned with TES4Edit.

Permissions and credits
Atrene Administratorius:
Town hall of Atrene Village, with barracks on L1 and a shrine on L2. The building has three levels, and NPCs usually roam the first and second levels. Administrator Coast-Skulker sells a variety of goods and the deed to Atrene Villa (base price: 31,245 gold); Brother Bahram is the priest and sells standard priest spells; Elyzausa Gaerwing is a Blades agent who will only sell her goods (including some rare items) to her fellow Blades. R'tizzha and Orzul gro-Khazgur offer training in restoration and hand-to-hand respectively (up to level 50).

Elyzausa also sells ceremonial blades equipment, which have no armor rating and no weight - they count as clothing.

Atrene Villa:
The purchasable player house. Comes with lots of storage, display cases, a small internal garden, an alchemical station, spellmaking and enchanting stations (only appears after one gains access to the arcane university) and 2 beds. You may fast travel from within the home.

Atrene Arcanum:
A mages' guild outpost. A'shnahid sells spells and offers recharging services, while Zhatun-Da is a magic goods merchant.

Atrene Arms & Armor:
A fighters' guild outpost/forge. Dalia sells arms and armor (smith merchant), while Bulai-weem offers repair services, and is a trainer in Armorer up to level 50.

Home of Celetta the fence, and can only be accessed by thieves' guild members with a minimum rank of cat burglar. She sells a variety of items (including rare goods). The bed on the first floor can be used, and the 2 drawers right next to the bed (between the bed and open barrel with tools) do not respawn - it can serve as a "free player home".

Celetta also sells leveled iliac equipment (identical in appearance to amelion equipment) - they have identical stats to mithril to glass armor (light armor) or orcish to daedric armor (heavy armor); the leveled sword has identical stats to dwarven to daedric longswords. The ceremonial version of the armor has 0 weight, 0 armor, and count as clothing.

Atrene Warehouse:
Taryn is a general goods merchant. The private quarters serves as the home of Atrene's farmers, as well Taryn himself.