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Do you love the ridiculous randomized conversations NPCs have in this beloved game? Want to know the latest news from the other parts of Tamriel? Then this is the mod for you! This mod adds dialogue options to begin randomized conversations with NPCs, with special unique choices if the Player is in a certain city (IC, Anvil, Bravil, others).

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The Player Random Conversation System for the Elder Scrolls IV, Oblivion

by thejazzcat117

Do you love the ridiculous randomized conversations NPCs have in this beloved game? Want to know the latest news from the other parts of Tamriel? Then this is the mod for you! 

This mod adds dialogue options to begin randomized conversations with NPCs, with special unique choices if the Player is in a certain city. Cities with unique/special dialogue options are the Imperial City, Anvil, Bravil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Skingrad, and Leyawiin.


Submenu:  The Submenu can be entered via any normal dialogue with any NPC. Select, "Start Dialogue" or "How are you?" to begin randomized dialogue with an NPC. Imperials and special NPCs (for you to discover, many secret special dialogue options) in EVERY city will have unique NQD Dialogue" Responses (more below). 

Select "Question." Other options in the main submenu 
include Heard any rumors lately? (rumors, also exits submenu), Goodbye, and I'm doing good. (FollowupPositive).

Also new in v1.25 (now v2.0!), NPC responses are affected by your disposition. So, if you have an infamy of 150 and are talking to an Imperial Guard, who doesn't like you (with a low disposition, especially < 20), they may even refuse conversation, thus, not opening the random dialogue submenu. 

NEW: Ask about books. (BookResponses) : Ask NPCs/discuss recent books that either you (the Player) or the NPC have read, responses can be influenced by faction (i.e., Raminus Polus talks more about Fundaments of Alchemy, etc.), does not lead to the conversation system submenu. Bug getting stuck in the menu is now fixed!

NEW: Research Inquiry/Discussing Research 1-4 (aka, Magetalk 1-5): Now FULLY FUNCITONAL, discuss recent research findings and their implications on various schools of magic. Compatibile now with tons of NPCs throughout the Mages Guild. NPCs available to discuss research include: Raminus Polus, Orintur, Julienne Fanis, Felen Relas, Delphine Jend, Contumeliorus Florius, Athragar, Angalmo, Agata, Sulinus Vassinus, and Adrienne Berene. Basically, in every city's Mages Guild, there is at least one NPC that will discuss research with you :)

NEW: "Any thoughts on the Oblivion Crisis?" (TamrielGateResponses): Discuss the recent Oblivion Crisis/gates spawning throughout Cyrodiil. Note, some NPCs are sick of hearing about it and will reply with, "nothing I'd like to talk about." Still, varies by NPC and race. :)

Question: In certain cities, leads to NQD responses. For most NPCs, links to Current Events or Creature Responses. The Heart of the Player Random Conversation System Submenu.

Current Events Responses: Think Rumors on steroids.  “What’s the news from the other parts of Tamriel?” “I’ve heard that Syndicates of Wizards have led a boycott of Imperial goods, in the land of the Altmer.” “I’ve heard that slavery has been abolished in Morrowind, House Dres…” etc etc.

Creature Responses: “I’ve heard there’s some Goblins around here recently, awful creatures.” “I saw some Mudcrabs out by the water recently, I steered clear of them! ;)” etc etc.

City Dialogue Options (now titled "Skingrad/Anvil/etc. Dialogue Responses): UNIQUE (NQD) dialogue responses in small talk within cities. Each responses is specific to the city. “Have you ever shopped at Edgar’s Discount Spells?” “…if there’s one thing you shouldn’t skimp on, it spells.” “Have you spoken with Samuel Bantien recently?” "Yes, the West Weald is a nice place. Just stay away from Erina when she's in a mood. And MANY MANY more, seriously, there are hundreds now to find in this mod :D

"I'm doing good" (FollowupPositive): Used to transition, and to have the NPC say that they’re good or say “that’s not bad”, etc etc.

Goodbye: Ends conversation system submenu 

Mod requirements: NONE.  But, I highly recommend QZ's Easy Menus and/or any other dialogue line to reduce the UI. For maximum immersion, turn subtitles off. :)

Note: Only some NPCs will have different dialogue, mostly *Imperial* NPCs/Guards, both male/female. If the NPC does NOT have unique dialogue, then they will talk about CurrentEvents or CreatureResponses. In Bravil, the Imperial City. and Chorrol, ALL IMPERIAL male and females will have unique (NQD) Question dialogue responses.

Modder's Note: If anyone is knowledgeable of the CK and is willing to help with this project, I would love some assistance. Mainly, to figure out how to change each dialogue line in the NQD/City Dialogue responses section, can send the code and all. Shoot me an email if interested! Yes, it will pay (of course)

[email protected]

Compatibility: This mod does not change any existing scripts of the game. It functions entirely within the dialogue and faction systems built into TES IV Oblivion. I have tested this file with several dialogue and Mages Guild/Gameplay-altering mods, 
it does not conflict with any of the following (or likely anything, this mod is EXTREMELY compatibile): Does not conflict with OOO, Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul, Unofficial Patch, Pluggy, Realistic Dialogue Overhaul, Origin of the Mages Guild,
Mannimarco Revisited, etc. etc. 

- Changed dialogue options to be as immersive as possible. 
- Made spacing more immersive, now with all dialogue menu options
- Fixed BookResponses bug, now the Player can exit the submenu at any time by pressing "Goodbye."
NOTE: Creature Responses can occasionally briefly loop dialogue choices, this is being fixed currently for v2.5... It will get to the Goodbye option after 2-3 more tries. Highly recommend the mod QZ Easy Menus.
This allows the spacebar to exit all dialogue/other menus if pressed, only a temporary fix
- Removed SurpriseReceive (only used to enter submenu, duplicate not needed)
- Fixed minor bugs

Added BookResponses
Added TamrielGateResponses
Added Research Discussion with various Mages Guild NPCs.
Added SurpriseRecieve
Disposition now affects responses from NPCs, now even potentially not opening the submenu (if the NPC really doesn't like you)
Fixed spacing in dialogue menu and made capitalization less aggressive
Removed Idle Dialogue feature (too buggy)
Removed minor bug with [engage] feature (Still, do NOT use).
Added Mages Conv Guild NPCs to list