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Order a Dominos pizza to your door by talking to an Oblivion character. No, really.

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Releases added for Canada (almost definitely works) and the UK (your guess is as good as mine if it works or not). The install and use instructions are the same as the US release. Enjoy, stay safe w/ your data, and please let me know if it works or doesn't if you test it in those countries. Thank you!

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Version 2.1 aims to make the mod more usable for the general public. To be honest, I originally uploaded this mod just to prove to a thread/stream that I wasn't lying or faking the video of me placing the order -- but with the attention it's received I figure I should put in some work to make it easier to use by others. 

Changes in 2.1:
- Changed Install instructions
- Clarified Pizza NPC's name from 'Pizza Black' to 'Pizza Nickies Black'
- Added easter egg book


STEP 1: Install the following requirements:
  • The newest version of Python
  • Network Pipe Control for OBSE
  • The requirements for the Python pizzapi module -> for those unfamiliar with Python, this can be done after installing the newest version of Python by opening a Windows Terminal / Command Prompt, typing "pip install pizzapi" and pressing enter, then "pip install pytest" (press enter), then "pip install mock" (press enter). All this is doing is installing prerequisite libraries for the mod to work.
STEP 2: In the .zip file from the downloads page are two folders: NickiesData and PutWhatsInHereIntoOblivionDataFolder -- You have to put the first folder in the zip file directly into your C:\ directory, such that its path is C:\NickiesData\
STEP 3: Open "pizza.py" in C:\NickiesData\ in a text editor. Change the fields to your personal information as detailed in the original install instructions found further below.
ON PRIVACY: General tips when using this (not secure) mod include using a prepaid card, using a service like Privacy.com, and only running the mod when on a private network.
STEP 4: Place the contents of the second folder in the zip file, PutWhatsInHereIntoOblivionDataFolder, into the Data folder in your Oblivion install (as the name suggests).
STEP 5: Enable Nickies' Pizzablivion in your Oblivion Launcher or mod manager.
STEP 6: Talk to Pizza Nickies Black outside Weye, near the entrance to the Imperial City Bridge, and go from there. Order customization still is not implemented and may never be, see further below for more details.

Please let me know if anyone is able to successfully order a pizza through this method or if I need to perform further adjustments.

Disclaimer 1
: I am not affiliated with Domino's Pizza in any way, shape, or form.
Disclaimer 2: This was only possible through the use of the badly underrated and underutilized Network Pipe Control mod, which is required to use this one, and the Magicjarvis fork of the original ggrammar PizzaPi module -- a python wrapper for the Domino's Pizza API and a port of the .js node Domino's Pizza API. These people are all much smarter than me, and deserve more credit for their brilliant work compared to my relatively straightforward party trick.
Disclaimer 3: This mod requires you to put in your address and credit card info into the .py file it uses to place the order. It then connects to the internet to place the order with Domino's. Yea, do the math. You use this mod at your own risk. A friendly Nexus user suggested using the service Privacy.com to filter your credit card information if you choose to use this mod (neither of us are affiliated with Privacy.com).


How to use

Download the requirements (Python, Network Pipe Control, OBSE).

Download the zip file and unpack it into your Oblivion's Data folder. Open pizza.py in a text editor and change the fields that say "Your [thing]" to your info.

from pizzapy import *
customer = Customer('Your First Name', 'Your Last Name', 'Your email', 'Your phone #', 'Your street address, Your town, Your state initials, Your zip code')
store = StoreLocator.find_closest_store_to_customer(customer)
menu = store.get_menu()
order = Order.begin_customer_order(customer, store)
card = CreditCard('Your card digits', 'Expiration date', 'Security Code', 'zip code')
store.place_order(order, card)


from pizzapy import *
customer = Customer('Nickies', 'Black', '[email protected]', '5554240101', '42 Green Emperor Way, Imperial City, TA, 11142')
store = StoreLocator.find_closest_store_to_customer(customer)
menu = store.get_menu()
order = Order.begin_customer_order(customer, store)
card = CreditCard('1111222233334444', '1022', '424', '11142')
store.place_order(order, card)

Then start the game. Talk to Pizza Black outside of Weye. Ask for the usual. Order customization is not available and may never be. It will place the following order:

12 inch thin crust pizza, product code '12THIN' -- 9.99
8-Piece Garlic Bread Twists, product code 'B8PCGT' -- 7.49
20-oz bottle Fuze Lemon Tea, product code 'D20BFITLEM' -- 2.49
5.99 delivery fee
Tax 2.27
Total $28.23

If you know how to code and know Dominos product codes, you can change the order in the .py file yourself.

It should arrive in around ~30 minutes if there is a Dominos open near you. It may be wise to call your local Domino's to ask about the order, because when I tested this I ran it like 3 times and only on the 2nd did it come. Please tip your delivery driver.

Let me know if it doesn't work or if there are any bugs.