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Makes every NPC in the game hostile, dynamically forming into gangs that can capture cities

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This mod unironically affects every aspect of the game, do not download it unless you understand well what it is.  It completely changes Oblivion from an RPG to a Sandbox game involving watching every NPC in the game fight each other and form gangs dynamically.  Using it on any serious playthrough will likely ruin the save permanently in terms of the actual Oblivion questlines.  It is highly recommended you start a new character for this as that will also ensure NPCs are not essential.

This mod makes every NPC in the game significantly more hostile, also giving them the ability to form up into gangs and ally with each other as they take on the world.  Gang formation is triggered at the start of combat and is marked by hoods of a particular color appearing on the NPCs' heads.  Chances to join a gang are then calculated every time a Gang NPC encounters a non-Gang NPC, and are calculated using level difference, race, and class (that is, characters with similar levels, the same race, or the same class are more likely to join the gang).  

Once there are a certain number of gang members in the world, they will be able to capture cities.  This should occur automatically and give you a pop up notifying you once there are 300 total gang members in the world.  Gangs capture cities by having 10 or more members take the Castle and use the activation / capture point chest therein.  Once total gang members pass 900, all gangs will converge on the Imperial City to fight it out in one final urban war.


To get the spells useful for experiencing this mod, activate the chest called "Capture Anvil" in Anvil Castle.  It's on the balcony behind the thrones.  Don't worry, you aren't affecting the capture progress of Anvil at all by doing this.  Use the spell called "Track Gang Progression" at least once to start the tracking of total gang members, and then you can use it again to check how many there are in the world.  I've also included some miscellaneous spells that may aid you in your journey.

If you want to skip to a certain phase, use the console command: set nickiestotalgangmembersglobal to x ; x here being 301 or 901.


I apologize but the dependencies on this mod are a mess.  It comes prepackaged with my Viral NPC mod due to it borrowing some AI packages from that.  Just make sure to put all of the following esps into your Oblivion data folder (all included in this mod's download) and check them all:
Nickies Mod.esp
Nickies' No Packages.esp
Nickies' No Respawning NPCs.esp
Nickies' No Factions.esp
Nickies'Essentials Stay Dead.esp
Nickies' Gang Wars.esp
Nickies' WWBR with Scripts.esp

They should also probably be in that order in your load order.


NPCs currently really love Anvil, Kvatch, Skingrad, and Leyawiin much more than the other cities despite my best efforts to fix that issue caused by the AI package priority order.  
The Total Members global sometimes doesn't correctly count new gang members' recruitment.