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Adds the new town of Driftdwell to the Shivering Isles. Includes 3(ish) quests, new interiors to explore, potentially a player house, new NPCs to meet, and unique dialogue for all of them.

Permissions and credits
1.2 update: fixed an unintended sequence break. Also fixed some bugs with the quests A Thief in the Light and The Crestfallen Crusader... again! Also adjusted and fixed some miscellaneous things (pathgrids, decor, etc) about various interiors, nothing worth noting. Added some new dialogue about Jarl Luranha too!

1.1 update: fixed some bugs with the quests A Thief in the Light and The Crestfallen Crusader. Also added quest markers at certain points of some quests and certain new lines of dialogue! Fixed the broken door in Melenrir's basement and hopefully the blessing from the Flooded District shrine too. Adjusted the decor of some interiors here and there, as well as the shop inventory of some merchants.

It is the nature of modding that there are probably still bugs present in the mod, but since the reported bugs that affected the two quests were quite major, I wanted to try and fix them as fast as possible - thus this very fast update! Please let me know if there's still any problems, I'll try and fix them as quickly as I can :)

original description: SI Driftdwell (which I will refer to as SEDD for convenience) adds the new town of Driftdwell to the Shivering Isles. It's much like a seaside port or merchant town you could find anywhere in Tamriel, but with that Shivering Isles twist! Located south of Passwall and west of Fellmoor in the waters of Dementia, it is most certainly impossible to miss the exterior part of Driftdwell - the topside is built into and around a large mushroom tree and set of docks, while the majority of the town lies in an old set of ruins buried underneath! But all is not well within Driftdwell, and they could really use some help...!

The town is not very big in size, but it is quite compact - there's a lot of places to see here! You'll find NPCs living in every corner, hawking their wares or telling you to leave them alone as is the proper Dementia way. Some of them have their own stories to tell, some of them will tell you the stories of the town itself and the ruins it's all built in, and some of them will, again, just tell you to go away. The topics are written in the same style as "Realistic Player Dialogue Overhaul" - so for example, the topic isn't just "Driftdwell" it's "Tell me about Driftdwell." Like the description says, everyone has their own unique dialogue and greetings, much of which are little lore jokes referencing other bits of TES lore! Some of them will change depending on what you do and who you are - and indeed, some of them are in need of some help!

There are currently 3(ish) quests you can do in Driftdwell. Check out the ReadMe file included in the download for more detailed walkthroughs, I'll just give you the very basics here.

Lurking in the Isles: speak with Fasundil

The Crestfallen Crusader: speak with Ukatsei

A Thief in the Light: speak with Seracarya

What about the "ish"? Well, there is a 4th quest, but it's not a "proper" quest. Speak with Lily Lemaune and you'll see why!

INSTALLATION: This is just an .esp with no custom resources, simply install the same way you install any other .esp :)

Don't run multiple versions at the same time! If you have the original release of this mod and wish to upgrade to this new 1.2 release, then do just as you would do for other .esp's:

1: Go into a cell that IS NOT affected by SEDD and save your game there.

2: Uninstall the original SEDD .esp however you installed it in the first place.

3: Install the new SEDD .esp the same way you install any other .esp :)

COMPATIBILITY: There aren't any issues that I know of! If you use an overhaul mod that adjusts the leveled lists of enemies, it should extend to the non-unique enemies in this mod as well.

Driftdwell is fully compatible with other mods I have made :)

If you are using OCOv2, there's a patch for it and Driftdwell on this page here!

KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES/WARNINGS: Companions might have difficulty navigating part of a certain quest-related cell and the Xevetha Flooded District. Both do have proper pathgrids, so if you can actually GET the companion there, it should be fine.

The boss fight at the end of the "main quest" is intentionally difficult, but not impossible! Destruction mage characters might be at a bit of a disadvantage.

The merchant Seracarya at Scrapes and Capers has some troubles with not unlocking her door when she's supposed to. I have no idea why this happens! For now, until I can figure out how to fix it, I recommend just using the console to unlock the door should this happen in your game.


"OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice" and therefore a compatible version of "Oblivion Script Extender - OBSE". But, if you just want a town to run around in and don't intend to read any dialogue or do any quests, then this is technically not necessary.


Bethesda for creating the game and the CS, and for allowing us fans to create and share mods for their wonderful games! I am not affiliated with Bethesda in any way and am making no money off of this mod. Same thing applies to this mod (and its recommended mods) as applies to any other mod - that I am not responsible for your computer or your save file so install responsibly!

The TES4EDIT team - this mod was cleaned with TES4QuickAutoClean 4.0.3!

NexusMods user Dispensation for help with bugs!