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A complete re-implementation of Harvest Containers' animated containers, with drastically reduced scripting, greater compatibility, and removal of save-bloat.

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Harvest Containers xOBSE


This is a complete reimplementation of Harvest Containers using drastically reduced scripting thanks to xOBSE and without editing any objects. That means this mod is much more compatible, stable, and performance-friendly than the original, whilst maintaining the same functionality*. Some aspects, such as player ownership detection, have also been improved.

For those that don't know, the Harvest Containers makes it so that opening a container plays an animation to show the container opening.

You do not need the original mod; everything is included.

The original mod was very performance intensive. It edited every affected container object in the game to add a script, which included elements that ran every single frame. Yes, that means every single frame for every single affected object, which is a lot if you consider the number of containers in the game. In addition, each script stored additional data, which means there would be lots of additional data floating around and rife for save corruption. This new implementation uses xOBSE scripting to reimplement the same functionality using a couple of event scripts instead.

Will I do Harvest Flora? Yes, the scripts are already included, but the permissions to redistribute the original assets are closed, so I had to comment out the functionality before I released this mod. If I get permission, I will re-include it. I have, however, left in the feature that stops Harrada and Spiddal Sticks from attacking when harvested.

* Some minor changes:


This mod requires the xOBSE version 22.6 of greater.

Standard installation procedure: install with your mod manager of choice and activate. I recommend Mod Organizer 2.


This mod can be uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game. Just uncheck the file in your mod manager or delete the files.


This mod is incompatible with the original Harvest Containers and any other mods that contains it, which means that Obscuro's Oblivion Overhaul is also incompatible. Since this mod does not edit any vanilla objects, and is therefore compatible with almost everything, there is no reason for OOO to include Harvest Containers anymore. This is also one of the reasons why OOO is notorious for save-bloat. If I can get permission to edit OOO, I will remove the feature.

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