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Dwemer Skyship and mobile home with working flight controls. Will transport the player and up to three followers of the player. Has everything you would expect in a well furnished home and more including the kitchen sink. Includes the Dwemer Parachute.

Permissions and credits
This ship was first released by Mr_siika in 2008 and the description said you could control it but in the posts Mr_siika said the controls were not working. A couple other people have since released their own version saying they had the controls working but the posts still said the controls were not working. These old versions have not worked for me either. It looks like from the description that they were supposed to work as a horse mount adaptation.  I started from scratch with just the ship model and interiors, modified the exterior a bit, and added flight controls that work different from a horse mount so you can move about on the deck and look in any direction while the ship is moving.  If you're skeptical and don't mind the spoiler, the video demonstrates the movement of the ship.

Mr_siika - A masterpiece work of 3D modeling. The concept of the Dwemer Skyship. Excellent tutorials on using Blender specifically for Oblivion.

Centurion - Interiors and CS work
stroti - Bottle resources
QQuix - Script for the parachute.
side777 - Author of "Side's Sailing Ships" - Method of how to move a ship and passengers.
Kilos - Author of "Earth the Planet of the Gods" - General help, inspiration and testing. Sound resources and Sphere Centurion resource.
MikeCobalt - Testing
Phitt - Fishtank
Hel Borne - Upper class Weapon Racks, Alchemist Sink
kalikut - Cauldron
Academician_Nwah and Daleth - Alchemy sorter
Vality - 3d Map of Vvardenfell

Copy DwemerHome.esp and DwemerHome.bsa into your ...\Oblivion\Data folder and check it in the Data files section of the Oblivion launcher.

Movement is controlled with the hotkeys U H J K. You have to be on the deck for the ship to move and you have to either go up the ladder or use the Teleport to Skyship spell to get there. While moving you can't go through the doors or use ranged weapons. There are 7 speeds forward and backward. Repeatedly hitting the O and L keys will speed  up, slow down, and stop. There is a altitude sensor and it will stop movement and display a Low Altitude warning when too close to the ground.

The three bottles in the Captains Quarters will add or remove useful spells for the operation of the Skyship. For follower information, cast the spell and then open the console to see the output.

The  Skyship has the capability to transport three followers on deck. Followers must have AI package 1 and procedure 11 to properly move with the ship while it is moving. This is normally always the case if they are following you. You should go up and down the ladder with your followers for the ship to know when they are onboard. If you are on deck and summon a companion the ship won't know they are onboard but you can go through one of the doors and come back out and the ship will know your companion is onboard.

When descending for a  landing the ship will stop at a height that is proper for the bottom rung of the ladder. If the ground is not level the ladder height may vary. It is important to take care where you park the ship. If you are directly over a house and you lower the ship all the way, when you go down the ladder you may be inside the house and have to use the "tcl" command to get out. The same thing happens with large rocks. Use your local map and watch the ground as you approach your landing zone so there will be a clear spot below the ladder. The altitude detection only measures the distance to the ground and not to structures like bridges. So, if you want to stop and deboard over a bridge you have to judge the proper height for the ladder by eye. I find this difficult but you can always use your teleport to deck spell and make adjustments.

Every  once in a great while the Skyship stops moving for no apparent reason. When this happens use the activate key on Dwemer Home to resume movement. My troubleshooting efforts indicate this is caused because the Game Mode block of the ship script stops running which isn't supposed to happen as far as I know. If anyone wants to solve it the area around the IC Bridge seems to be a touchy spot where it happens.

I hope people will report any problems so I can try and fix them. I've spent a lot of time testing but only the community can be the final Quality Control for any mod.


The Unofficial Oblivion Patch or UOP is not strictly required but it fixes two minor problems. One is the ship disappears when you go through any of the city gates. When you come back out of town you don't see the ship where you left it. You can cast your Teleport to Skyship spell and the ship reappears and you will be on deck so it's not a show stopper but not great. With UOP the ship doesn't disappear. It fixes this completely for all city gates. The other problem is saving your game while inside the ship. If you quit Oblivion and then later start Oblivion and load that save game, when you exit the interior the ship won't be there and you will fall to the ground. Here again you can use your Teleport spell but UOP also fixes this problem. It's a mystery how or why UOP does this so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

For many years I stopped using UOP because I didn't care for the large number of loose files and folders in my Data folder. Now with the OBSE plugin SkyBSA.dll installed, and a UOP BSA file I have made (using BSA Commander), the Unofficial Oblivion Patch is working for me without the loose files. On the UOP Nexus page Arthmoor has said it will not work but I don't understand why and on the SkyBSA Nexus page DavidJCobb says that UOP will not work at all for Steam installs without SkyBSA. That's the way I understand it and the BSA file works for me so I've included an optional download of the Unofficial Oblivion Patch with a BSA file and the SkyBSA.dll pluggin (OBSE required). I also had to change the modified date of "Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp" to 12/8/2006, in line with older versions of UOP, because the date of 2021 in the latest download caused immediate crashing for me. I only included this BSA version of UOP for anyone who wants to try it. It's not required but I do recommend UOP one way or another.

My first Airship has a new optional download. It removes the capability to move the ship up and down while not onboard. Without this new option when the two ships are within sight of each other and you move the Skyship up the Airship goes up too because they share the same hotkeys. It doesn't really hurt anything, it just looks a little funny.

If you have a follower who has their own follower there may be a problem going through the doors to the interior.

When I first started using the Skyship in my game for the final shakedown testing I thought it was maybe a little big for practical transportation use and the smaller airship was better for just getting around Cyrodiil. This was mainly because of the care you have to take when finding a parking spot. Now that I've used the Skyship exclusively for transportation while on a mission to find every single oblivion gate the landing procedure is actually straightforward and not much trouble with a little practice. It gives the player something to do, like finding a good anchorage on a real ship on the water. Also, the view forward is better on the Skyship compared to the small airship that has the swan neck directly in front. The small airship is better with the death ray spell and visibility straight down if you feel like going on a mission to teach some bandits some manners.