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Adds the reanimate spell of the stall of worms as a castable spell, 5 castable spells ranging from Novie to Master.

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Raise: Novice spell, is a player starting spell if the player chose conjuration as a major skill or can be bought from Uugarion in Bravil
Reanimate: Apprentice spell can be bought from Alberic Litte in Corrol Mages Guild
Revenant: Journeyman spell, can be bought from Calindil at the Mystic Emporium in the Imperial City
Dread: Expert Spell, buy it from Gaspar Stegine at the Arcane University
Resurrect: A Master spell that can be bought from Borissean, also at the Arcane University

All spells are on touch, except Resurrect which is on target.