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** NPC Friendly Fire v1.0 ** -by Skycaptain

[this mod requires Oblivion Script Extender!]


This is a very simple one-script mod that helps to keep NPCs from killing each other without a reason.


The script checks if any fighting NPC in the loaded are is fighting. If the NPC is fighting another NPC from the same faction as the NPC himself, the fight is stopped.

To keep the fight from starting again, the script also increases the NPCs disposition against the other NPC to the same level as his agression (if lower than aggression).

Optionally, the mod can be configured to add EXTRA disposition, so that the resulting disposition is safely above the aggression value.


This mod has two configurable values

-how often the script runs. default is every 1s, which should be fine but nevertheless can be changed.

-how much extra disposition is added. If the value is other than 0, the script makes sure that the fighting NPCs have disposition equal to their aggression level + extra value, towards each other, unless its already higher.


Many NPCs, even in towns, do not share any factions between each other.

If you want to verify that this mod works, open console, click a guard, memorize the id you see, click another guard, and type startcombat [the id of the other guard].

Similarly, you can verify if two NPCs do not share any faction relations. Just use a console command "samefaction" in a similar manner (1=yes, 0=no).


1. Make sure to install Oblivion Script Extender (http://obse.silverlock.org/)

Make sure you know how to run Oblivion with it - it has a readme.

2. Put the contents of this mod into your Oblivion\data folder.

3. Enable the mod, and hopefully your NPCs will fight (to death) less the they used to. ;)


This mod can be edited and redistributed, if credit for the original work is given. :)


-Obse crew, without them there would exist no mods made by me

-PetrusOctavianus, whos request thread gave the idea for this mod

-Bethesda for the original game and CS