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PellaPe I am Pekka ZapgiL and SunlitEarth

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GigaDeux beautiful and tasteful armor ported to Oblivion - I have used this armor for 3 years now myself

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GigaDeux beautiful and tasteful armor ported to Oblivion - I have used this armor for 3 years now myself as I love it a lot. It is no skimpy nor to much steel and stuff, as it is the perfect armor for the scout and shadier player but also for the explorer and adventurer. I searched a long time for different armours until I did find this one. So frustrating honestly

Note: 5 versions - I needed to try to make the details more visible or viable, lost track a bit of what I was doing as I am more used to edit static objects, full white solid alpha, with proper materials. So now I learned more about editing armor and body and that is different - A full solid normal will make stuff to glow if it is DXT 5. DXT 5 differ from DXT 1 and I use DXT 1 to 99% in my other projects. DXT 3 is similar to DXT 5 if I recall right.  ;)  Enough of technical details.

Gloss needs to be balanced with Materials in meshes if used. That is how it is. Reflections too, if the mesh is set to reflect light as glass. Well this is not wet rubber. It is leather and cloth.

So a week ago I asked the Author ZapgiL if I could release it for Oblivion and he said yes as he loved what I did with it. Me?

Who made it?
It is not me that did anything except creating the esp and debating changes with my dear friend and very talent modder SunlitEarth as we have been debated a lot of stuff and I like her work and her style and I did show this armour for her, as I love it. She got hooked up and she decided to try to port it for me. The boobs was first to big as I do like stuff to look normal. Maybe they still are a bit big but it is nothing I reallty care about and nothing I can do anything about either, so take it or leave it as this is what you get, nothing else. You can compare the pictures at my flickr at page 3 I guess. So many nice pictures there anyway, have fun watching them all. Come to the forum if you have any questions about any screenshot as I will love to tell you about it. No doubt. As O am a modder of some quality and 18 years experienced such, I really love to show off my stuff as I get better and better for each day that passes and that's the fact.  :D

Body Type
This armor is not bound to any specific body. It is Stand Alone from everything. I have not tested it on a male char nor NPC and I do doubt it works...  I saw in CSE it was added as male but please, make a trial and error, you will not break the game.  ;)   I do not play male chars in TES. I like to watch the girls fight. Always did, even some at MMO but I am mainly male there...  NM  :D  If this will become an issue, I add a standard leather Armour as male version...  The Cuirass that is.

Armour info
Armour is in one single piece. Un-Enchanted and enchanted and I also included my shield I made for Morrowind 2005 or whatever. Not the base mesh but all damn textures over the years. I bet you seen them here and there and many are still available both for Oblivion and Morrowind. The enchants are very powerful maybe even very Overpowered., Use CSE or CS to make your own enchants, edit mine or skip the added jewels if you want it to be less OP. I based the enchanting with a Enchanting cheat mod so this enchant is possible to make in game. Honestly, I can play without enchants. It is just convenient, that's all. Master healing rocks but I am a bit lazy. I used to play with loads of homemade potions in case but I am not invulnerable. I still get hit and take some damage. I will die in mega fights when LAG and tons of stuff, kills the FPS. This armour will suit the hardest mods available. It is there for I edited the enchants over time, to survive some mods. I started low but ended up with this. Use your own judgements.  :)

Texture and Mesh editing
I have been editing meshes and textures now for 6 hours  :D  4 different versions available. Test them all, just overwrite if you do not like. Look at the Screenshot descriptions for details, about which is which. All details are visible now. Every tiny microscopic detail even.

There is also a redtexture included. Not my favorite so copy a mesh, blue or purple, add that red texture and test it, save it.  ;)  If you wanna edit it to look like say 1.3, ask me at the forum how to do it. I will read it. I do daily.

Bonus Babbel
What I can also add in this description now is that this armour will also be part in a bigger project under making since 2000 and that I will release soon. WIP is here at the forum and I warn you, it is a blog of 2 years development and it is an adventure that takes you true a lot of old boring dungeons as I made a lot of them funnier - 61 dungeons added so far. So take it for what it is. It show all my progress in Oblivion the 2 last years. It is also the place I hang out since 2000 when I did return to this extremely fun game again. It is so damn fun I can burst. I also have some videos at Youtube. Mixed stuff. Ask me about them and I will answer as well.

I plan one more stand alone mod release before I release everything else. A COBL Addon. I say no more... ;)  I plan to do it tomorrow already.

Original GigaDeux Armor


  • v1.4 Finally. Now it looks as perfect it can be. My char has a blue aura, I tried to dispell it, failed, but you can see my companions. 2 still have gloss, loads of it. I will take a look why, or update3d in console or whatever, IDK, it looks perfect now  :D  This is not a rubber suit. It is cloth and leather. Leather can look glossy, but it do not fit here. Not on this suit, not in this game, not even on the original suit in the other game. Look at the 5 last screenshots.
  • v1.3b added a missing normals, well the normals for the blue legs, came from the red pants. Still to glossy or wet, I will try the new mesh and original texures in v1.4. So hang on, I be back. If I fail, I will not upload it.  :D
  • v1.3 Less wet. next step might be to make the main texture brighter or lighter. I will not do that. Do it your self if you want it done  :D  I will now use this version. Thats the best one if you ask me.  ;)
  • v1.2 Brighter alpha at normals. They do look wet. I need to turn down glossiness a bit now. I be back soon...   ;) I do have 40 Glossiness here but will try 80
  • v1.1 Meshes materials edited, details are now brighter. I will use this version now. (Time to test Normal editing. I be back.)
  • v1.0 Noticed it was extremely dark in the textures. Use it if you like very dark armor. I do like it, so it took me time to see it.

  • ZapgiL  for making the GigaDeux armor
  • SunlitEarth for porting it to Oblivion
  • NifSkope
  • Bethesda
  • Blender
  • Gimp
  • NifTools over all. They rock.
  • DXTBMP (First tool i ever used for dds 2004, still best for editing alpha channel hues)
Also extra credits to Canadian Ice, Qarl, Alien Slof, Eshme, Elynda and NeilV to be my mentors and guides and friends. They taught me this. If I forgot someone, shoot me. I wouldn't be here if it was not for them.