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Stores in Oblivion have several unique equipment and items that are ridiculously expensive, and just not worth it in general. This mod tries to fix that by making all these equipment at least glass or ebony quality, and also lowering the price to a much more reasonable level.

Permissions and credits
This mod changes all unique store items (like the Truncheon of Submission or Aegis of the Apocalypse) to have not only a fair price, but also to be actually usefull in your playthrough. Initially, I planed to only changed the prices, but even then these items would still be useless, considering how weak they all are, so I also made them have a higher quality and better enchantments. Finally, some had their types changed in order to allow the player to have a full suit of ebony or glass armor from the very begining of the game, if you have the money.

The objective of these changes is to make exploring stores more rewarding, and also to make persuasion and mercantile skills actually be usefull.

All unique store items prices were made equal to normal items of equivalent quality. For example, the battle axe of hatred, which was a iron battle axe with a ridiculous price of 6200, is now modified to a ebony battle axe with a base cost of 2100. It's important to notice that these prices do not count the enchantment cost that is calculated automatically.

Types that were changed:
-Rasheda's Special is now greaves instead of gauntlets;
-Boots of the Swift Merchant is now a shield.

Several enchantments were also changed:
-Dondoran's Juggernaut now lower speed and athletics by 5, instead of 10.
-Gauntlets of Gluttony now lower health by 10, instead of 30.
-Boots of the Swift Merchant weakness to disease and poison was reduced from 30 to 15.
-Ring of Wortcraft now lower inteligence by 5, instead of 10.
-Aegis of the Apocalypse now lower health by 10, instead of 20.
-Spectre Ring now lower strenght by 5, instead of 10.
-Ring of Transmutation now lower endurance and strenght by 5, instead of 10.
-Chronicle of Sacrifice now deal 250 fire damage in an instant instead of 100 in 2 seconds.
-Annal of the Fire Nexus is now on target instead of touch, and the fire resistance lasts for 15 seconds instead of 5.
-Stormrider Scroll is now on target instead of touch, has more duration and bigger area, and the shock resistance lasts for 15 seconds instead of 5.
-Truncheon of Submission no longers restore health.

Should be compatible with any mod as long as they don't modify the unique items. If using Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, use the compatibility version provided instead.