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A modern approach to FOV management for Oblivion, with additional useful features to boot

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Kat's Fantastic Oblivion Viewport

This is a FOV and screenshot mod that is fast, reliable, feature-packed, and most importantly: simple. There's little configuration if you just want FOV adjustment, but if you want the screenshot functionality you can configure with the builtin INI file or through Maskar's excellent LINK mod configuration menu.


This mod was born out of a frustration with the current FOV solutions present for Oblivion:
  • FOV Modifier: While troybayliss did a good job with this mod, it has limitations. It only allows you to adjust 60 to 120 degrees, it only allows you to adjust FOV for both perspectives at once, and it takes time to initialize upon loading a save. Not to mention it's prone to INI thrashing upon crash
  • Oblivion Reloaded: This mod offers FOV control, but while it allows whatever degree of FOV within the projection Oblivion uses, it again only allows you to adjust FOV for both perspectives at once, and is even clunkier to adjust in game. Not to mention it's still affected by INI thrashing upon crash
  • Oblivion Display Tweaks: This mod is the modern solution supposedly, but features some pretty severe problems. While it does make the Oblivion.ini setting your FOV setting, so you can adjust it easily in game (with the same degree of change like OR), you're again limited to changing both perspectives. The only advantage it offers is no more INI thrashing upon crash, which is a minimal advantage in my mind, and with how spotty the other features of this mod are I would rather not use it

There simply isn't a good mod, in my mind, for FOV adjustment for a game like Oblivion. The solutions that exist are either really old or just not thought out at all. I wanted something new and better, but simple and didn't have to be questioned or waited upon. That's where my Fantastic Oblivion Viewport comes in!
  • Simple FOV adjustment
  • Fancy FOV adjustment
  • Mode to change the weather for screenshots
  • HUD and freecam toggles
  • LINK and INI support for every feature
  • Simplicity at its core
  • Speed, no more waiting for your FOV to come in
FOV Adjustment
This mod allows you to adjust FOV of both perspectives, 1st and 3rd person, a unique element among FOV mods. There are 2 ways to adjust FOV in general. You can simply go through the console (which is always available) like so:

set FOV1st to ##
set FOV3rd to ##

It's fairly self explanatory. This will save to your save game so you don't need to worry about setting it ever again. There isn't a way to set a default, as that would add increase complexity but since it's a one time adjustment I found it to be fair.

The other way is with what I dub "FOV Mode'". This is a hotkey binding mode that you can enter that dynamically scales FOV based on the perspective you are in. This will also save the value to your save game, so its a way to fine tune the value to visual preference instead of numerical preference. The value will be printed to the console for your convenience however. It is enabled by default, and you enter it with the default hotkey "P", and you increase and decrease with equals and minus respectively. This can be set with the INI file or through LINK (see below on INI and LINK support). This feature, like everything, can be disabled as well

Weather Mode
This feature is primarily meant for screenshots. If you don't want it for your game, disable it.

This feature allows you to cycle through the weathers of all the weather mods you have installed, without intervention, for easier screenshot management. By default, you enter this mode with 'I', and when you return from this mode you will be brought back to the weather you were at before. The last weather you used will be saved, assuming you don't load a save. You scroll through weathers with the same keys as FOV Mode, equals and minus. NAO and All Natural weathers are supported. For AN, this mod does import settings from the AN ini so you don't have to go through weathers you didn't want installed.

For convenience, so you don't have to scroll through dozens of weathers, I have split up weathers into "types". They are grouped together in what makes the most sense, so this varies a bit. To be able to scroll through these types you must hold Shift while using the scroll hotkeys. For convenience I have also printed the current weather type to the console

HUD and Freecam Toggle
HUD toggle is HUD toggle. Default key is 'O'. I don't need to say more

Freecam toggle is also fairly self explanatory, default key is ';'. One thing to note is that this will always take you to third person and will always use its own FOV as to not take over your own.

Both features can be disabled.

INI and LINK Support
This mod features INI and LINK support for just about every feature possible. There's not a lot to say here, but I will say that you should set defaults in the INI file first ideally. The mod will take the values from LINK just fine, but I can't guarantee 100% that it'll take all of them properly

Setting Defaults
You can set mod defaults and use your INI settings by running the following in the console:

SetStage aaKFOV 10

Install with your BAIN supported mod manager of choice. '00 Core' contains all the game files. '98 Scripts' are raw script files for resources. '99 Docs' is just this readme

This mod has no master. It is compatible with all plugins. FOV should only change when you set FOV for this mod. This makes it compatible with mods like Basic Primary Needs and Oblivion Display Tweaks