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Initial Glow v0.2 By: Soor This mod aims to remove persistent glow from your game, while retaining compatibility with mods that change magic.

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Looks like I missed one, you might want to use this as well:

Effect drain shader initial glow only by kuertee - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=25707



WOW. I can't believe people are still finding this good.

Well, In case its not obvious I haven't played OB in aaaaages. So, no support or changes here.

I hereby give my permission to do whatever the hell you want with this stuff. Just send me a link about it, is all, I'm curious :)

**** Initial Glow *** v0.2
By: Soor

*** Description ***

This mod aims to remove persistent glow from your game, while retaining compatibility with mods that change magic.

The glowy saran wrap of enchanted armors always pissed me off, but unfortunately existing mods which aim to achieve the same effect modify the magic effects directly - magic effect records store base cost as well as other info about spells, which when used on top of spell changes can cause novice spells to require a skill of 50 and other strange effects.

This mod removes persistent membrane shader effects by editing the shader records, which only store information pertinent to the graphic effects.

The glow of the effect will flash briefly, and then disappear. Hence the terribly imaginative name.

Thus, it should be fully compatible with magic rebalances like MightyMagick and those that will be present in OOO 1.3

Conversely, if you have mods that use the standard shaders for custom spells, their shader effects will lack persistent glow.

This is a very early version, I'm looking for comments here: are there missing effects I should add? Did I modify unnecessary shaders? Are there visual side-effects? Should I make the initial glow last longer?

There are 3 ESPs:

1) Initial_Glow-self: changes shaders that will appear on your character from positive permanent enchantments that you find on armour and stuff. Or thats the idea at least. Please test and let me know if ive missed any or modified an unnecessary one.

2) Initial_Glow-all: changes ALL shaders apart from speacial creature shaders (skeleton champs, atronachs, ghosts etc).

Choose 1 OR 2.


3) Initial_Glow-creatures: as you might imagine, removes perma-glow from the shaders of the above-mentioned creatures.

*** Installation ***

Just copy the desired esp file(s) to your data folder and activate. You will probably want to load these after any spell-changing mods you have, just to be sure its getting the last word in shaders - even though there are very very few stock-shader-affecting mods out there.

*** Version history ***


Added Initial_Glow-all and Initial_Glow-creatures EPSs


Initial release

*** Contact ***

PM me, "Soor", on the official forums.