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Raiders from the Shivering Isles are raiding on the shores of Niben Bay.

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Shivering Isles Raiders

With this mod there's a chance you'll be attacked by groups of raiders from the Shivering Isles when in the area surrounding Niben Bay. I have uploaded an image of the approximate area of raids.

Idea behind the mod:
I rarely travel to Shivering Isles during my play-troughs but I really like many of the weapons and armor that can be found there. I wanted to create a mod which allows me to get these armor and weapons in an immersive way without visiting the Isles and going through the quest-line. This mod is how I managed it.

How it works:

There are 22 new spawn points each with 33% chance of spawning a group of 3 raiders. This means you might have to travel around a bit before you see any raiders since I don't want them to be everywhere. They just need to be an occasional addition to the countryside around the Niben Bay.

There are 3 types of raiders: Light armored, heavy armored and archers. The archer uses clothing and light armor and carry SI ingredients. They also summons Shivering Isles creatures to fight for them.
Each raider uses a mix of (low level) Cyrodiilic and Shivering Isles armor and weapons. From my own testing each raider usually have 2 or 3 SI pieces of armor/weapons. I don't want to be able to easily collect a full set of armor so this is balanced in my view.

Some of the SI armor and weapons are leveled but the armor and weapons the raiders use are low level which means if you want the high level SI armor and weapons you still have to go to the Shivering Isles.

It is randomly determined which 3 types of raiders will spawn.

There is a 10% chance that a raider has a note which may or may not help you understand why the Shivering Isles Raiders are raiding in Cyrodiil.

No problems that I can think of. I created new unique spawn points and the poster on the wall of the Bravil stables doesn't conflict with any mod I know of.

Version History:
Version 1.1: Reworded the poster at the Bravil stables and slightly increased the chance for raiders showing up since I almost never see them.