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This mod provides compatibility between Imperial City Suburbs by Lady Olivia, and Talos Bridge Gatehouse by Dain145.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a compatibility patch for the dual use of Imperial City Suburbs and Talos Bridge Gatehouse.

These excellent mods unfortunately overlap in several noticeable areas. Talos Bridge Gatehouse adds a training post and farm at the base of the bridge, overlapping with the Lakeside area of Imperial City Suburbs. Additionally, both mods edit the landscape on the Imperial Isle on the approach up to the Talos Plaza District, causing unbalanced terrain and landscape tearing. 

The patch attempts to preserve the best parts of both mods while addressing the issues above. As such, the training post and farm from Talos Gatehouse are removed, resolving conflicts with the Office of the Watch and Archives of the Imperial Navy buildings in Imperial City Suburbs. By contrast, some landscaping edits made by Imperial City Suburbs on the Imperial Isle have been pruned so that the fortifications and trebuchets added by Talos Gatehouse can shine.

Please note that this is my first large scale patch and while efforts have been made to preserve stability and provide a polished end product, I am new to this and still very much learning the ways of the Construction Set and patch-making. Any and all feedback is much appreciated!

Hope you enjoy!

Requirements and Installation

You will need to install both Imperial City Suburbs by Lady Olivia and Talos Bridge Gatehouse by Dain145 before installing.

To install this mod, use your favourite mod manager (MO2, Wrye Bash, OBMM) or manually extract the files into the data directory.

For best results, please use the following load order:

Imperial City Suburbs.esp

Note that this patch also comes with pre-generated LOD from TES4LODGen, which can be installed or removed as you wish.


Likely incompatible in some capacity with any mods that make extensive edits to the Talos Bridge and the western part of the Imperial Isle.

I will update this section as soon as I know more, particularly with the Talos Gatehouse patches for Region Revive: Lake Rumare and Unique Landscapes: Imperial Isle.


There is some minor terrain texture mismatching on the banks of the Imperial Isle, between Hylon / Arkay Grove in Imperial City Suburbs and the fortifications from Talos Bridge Gatehouse. I had some trouble recolouring this in the Construction Set but will give it another go shortly.

For now, if you search for it you can see the cell boundaries but it should not be too noticeable.

Lady Olivia - for the fantastic Imperial City Suburbs
Dain145 - for the excellent Talos Bridge Gatehouse