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This mod populates the peninsula under the Talos Bridge, adding a settlement with two inns where you can rest, a house for sale for you to decorate, some government buildings, a stable, a grove with a nice view and an open market to explore. All buildings have complete interiors, housing around 30 NPCs with full daily schedules.

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Imperial City Suburbs

By Lady Olivia

Version 0.51 (October 10, 2009)

1. Description

This mod adds a suburb to the Imperial City, in the area under and around the Talos Bridge. The suburb has two inns where you can rest, a house for sale for you to decorate, some government buildings, a stable, a grove with a nice view and an open market to explore. All buildings have complete interiors, housing around 30 NPCs with daily schedules of varying complexity. The additions include many retextured objects, notably buildings and furniture, which I hope you will not find unpleasant to behold.

However, if your avatar is looking for a job or somebody to entertain him/her with witty conversation, this, unfortunately, isn't the right mod for you - no quests, no new dialog. Yet. For now, the only quest is about buying and furnishing the house. It is only partially voiced, so I'd recommend TURNING YOUR SUBTITLES ON.

2. Requirements

The mod uses objects and animations from the Shivering Isles DLC, so you need to have it installed and have the "DLCShiveringIsles.esp" activated.

3. Installation

Unpack the archive anywhere and copy all the files and folders from "Data" to your Oblivion/Data directory, then activate the "Imperial City Suburbs.esp".

4. Uninstallation

Make a save in a safe area far from the Suburbs, then deactivate the "Imperial City Suburbs.esp" and delete the following files and folders:

Oblivion\Data\Sound\Voice\Imperial City Suburbs.esp
Oblivion\Data\Imperial City Suburbs.esp

5. Compatibility and other issues


This mod substantially changes the terrain under and around the Talos Bridge, with minor changes to the wilderness in the vicinity of the Imperial Prison and some pathgrid changes in the cells surrounding the modified areas. This means the mod is likely to be incompatible with any mods that edit the same regions.

If you have mods that edit the exterior cells which border those that I changed, there may be unseamly gaps and/or visible seams in the land mesh or distant LOD textures. If there are no other conflicts to make this infeasible, you can fix land mesh/texture problems by opening all the mods that modify the region in question in the CS and regenerating the height map and the distant LOD textures. Please refer to the CS Wiki for instructions and tutorials on how to do this.

Known issues:

There's a pathing problem some NPCs who live or work just under the Bridge have because they think they can get down from the Bridge and they actually can't, so sometimes they go stupid. Generally, allow for 24-48 game hours before reporting an AI problem.

The items displayed at the market are scripted to disappear during the night, so if you steal them and try to take them out of your inventory during the night, they will appear to vanish and perhaps reappear in the morning.

The wolf and the bear on the market can go through the doors of their pens. That's kind of intentional - I had to remove the collision from the pens because the silly animals wouldn't stay inside.

The "house for sale" quest is only partially voiced so please turn your subtitles on for the duration of "negotiations". The essence of this "quest" is very simple and you should be able to follow it from the dialog options and the journal entries even without the subtitles, though.

Some buildings - notably the towers and bridge tiles may show up in distant LOD although it's not what I intended. This will happen if you use an external program for generating distant LOD that ignores the "visible when distant" flags. The distant LOD for all the building might get included in a future version.

6. Version history

[Beta] 0.51 (October 10, 2009) -- Gave each NPC a unique name and renamed the map locations, omitting the "Imperial City Suburbs"
[Beta] 0.50 (October 4, 2009) -- The initial release

7. Credit, contact & legal

Thanks to:

- Everyone who supported the mod, whether through bug reports, encouragement or constructive criticism.
- Astion for testing and giving many useful suggestions.


Bethsoft forums thread


Please don't redistribute this mod or its derivations, models and textures without asking me first.