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Read the book of daedra to open an oblivion gate anywhere!

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Adds a unique book to the game,when you read it an oblivion gate will instantly appear where you are standing! now for some unapparent reason you can't enter these gates (still trying to figure out what's the problem) but the gate still spawns enemies and changes the weather to red storm, so just simply activate the gate  and it should close right away... 

there are two ways to get your hands on the book of daedra, either kill Ruma during the quest where you briefly join the mythic dawn and loot her, or buy the book for an expensive price at the "first edition" shop in imperial city market.  

NOTE,if you opened and closed too many gates in one locations, and you want to get rid of the remainders of the gates,just open the console command window, click on the gate and type "disable"