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Removes level scaling from all leveled quest rewards and items, instead giving them balanced stats more like how artefacts are handled in Skyrim.

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Balanced Unleveled Rewards


A common point of annoyance with Oblivion is that a large number of unique quest rewards have leveled stats, which are set at the level you obtain the item. This incentivises meta-gaming the level at which you complete certain quests to ensure you get the best reward. Several mods exist that address this issue, but none of them really hit the level of balance I prefer—so I made my own.


This mod unlevels all leveled items and spells, fixing their stats and enchantments at a single level. What makes this mod unique is that it doesn't fix all items at their maximum levels, rather some items are fixed at lower levels appropriate to their appearance, how easy they are to obtain, and with consideration for their balance against other items found in generic loot. In this way, Oblivion's leveled artefacts are treated in a similar manner to those found in Skyrim.

As is my characteristic style, this mod comprehensively covers ALL leveled items from the base game and all DLC, even ones that are often missed by other similar mods.

The balance of this mod was very much made with my lightweight vanilla 'overhaul' Ascension in mind, but is also perfectly playable without it. Mainly this refers to the fact that Ascension makes higher tier loot rarer, meaning that items like Glass and Ebony are considered more 'special' and Daedric items are more scarce—my balancing of item stats here also reflects this.

I also recommend Balanced Creature Stats and Balanced NPC Level Cap as good compliments to this mod.

Full List of Item Changes


Leveled Spells

There are four leveled spells in the game:
  • Finger of the Mountain
  • Wizard's Fury
  • Essence Drain (bestowed by Bloodworm Helm)
  • Dragon Breath (bestowed by Dragonsword of Lainlyn from the Fighter's Stronghold DLC)

These are treated differently to leveled items. Rather than having fixed stats, they will now level up with you, i.e. the lower leveled spells will be removed and swapped with the higher level ones when you pass the level requirement. The two spells bestowed by items will only be swapped if you unequip and re-equip the item.

Sigil Stones

As of yet, Sigil Stones are unchanged from the vanilla game, so their effects are still determined by your level when you obtain them. This is less of an issue to other leveled items since there are a large number of Oblivion Gates, so you are likely to still have the opportunity to obtain new Sigil Stones at any point in your adventure (i.e. they're much more like generic loot than other leveled rewards). I don't fully agree with fixing the stats of Sigil Stones or leveling them up like I've done with spells. I'll likely come up with another solution in future.


Standard installation procedure: add the file to your data folder and check in the game launcher or your mod manager of choice.

There are two main file downloads:
  • The Individual Plugins file contains three separate plugins for the base game + Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine, and all other official DLC.
  • The All-In-One file contains a single file that is a merge of all of the above.

You should load this low down in your load order, after any other mods that affect leveled items. Rebuild your bashed patch if necessary.
You can also install this mod at any level, and will immediately see its effect on any items you've already obtained. This is because I have not changed the items received when completing a quest; rather, I have fixed the stats of all versions of the item to be the same. For example, all versions of the Boots of Bloody Bounding now have stats equivalent to the level 15 version, so if you have previously got the item at level 5 you will not be able to tell the difference. This also means you can uninstall the mod at any time and return to your vanilla item level.


Just uncheck the mod. Uninstalling this mod will have no permanent effects on your save game.


All relevant conflicting changes from the Unofficial Oblivion Patch are already included in this mod. Unofficial Oblivion Patch is highly recommended as it fixes some errors with leveled item enchantments, which are not included here.

This mod edits a lot of item stats, and should be loaded after any other mod that also edits leveled items. Any conflicts can likely be resolved by a bashed patch, and the relevant bash tags are already included.

This mod includes a fair number of intentional ITM records. Do not clean them.


Feel free to give me feedback on whether certain items need shifting up or down in level.

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I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods, so any donations are gratefully received.