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A collection of various tweaks and changes to The Lost Spires quest mod.

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The Lost Spires is truly among the best quest mods made for Oblivion, but it is not without it's shortcomings. This page contains various small tweaks I made in effort to make it a little better. It obviously requires original Lost Spires v14 (must be downloaded from website, Nexus page is outdated).
Original Lost Spires website is now down.
Archived download page link: https://web.archive.org/web/20210225110856/http://www.lostspires.com/pages/downloads.htm
Direct archived download link: https://web.archive.org/web/20170925102834/http://www.lostspires.com/misc/thelostspiresv14.zip

*NEW* Assorted Fixes
  • Added "Random End" flags to generic dialogue of Lost Spires' NPCs, preventing it from mixing with normal dialogue. Fun fact: Lost Spires edits a bunch of vanilla quests to add conditions to block generic dialogue for new characters. Those edits are technically no longer needed, so if you have a conflicting mod, you can have it safely overwrite Lost Spires edits.
  • Fixed a number of typos in dialogue and quest journal.
  • Extended subtitles for some character dialogue. Previously, some subtitles were cut off, while voiced dialogue continued. Note: you may need a UI mod, like Darnified UI to display the full length of subtitles.
  • Added a small rope ladder when exiting Lost Labyrinth dungeon. Previously you could get out by jumping around on piles of rubble, but it required some precise parkouring and was annoying.
  • Fixed some generic skeletons and a certain boss being un-lootable.
  • Removed weight and value from a couple of keys to be consistent with the rest of the game.
  • Certain boss chest can now be opened with a key found on said boss, no need to lockpick it.
  • Removed empty GameMode block from one NPC script.
  • Fixed a couple of instances where characters would give wrong dialogue.

Rodon Dakkon Dialogue Tweak
Changes the flow of initial dialogue with Rodon Dakkon, so player isn't railroaded into threatening him (you can still choose to do this, but it's optional now). I've also taken the liberty to reduce the amount of gold he gives, if you do threaten him, to 500 (from 1200).

Warlock Torch Fix
Fixes the flame on Warlock Torch, so it is always pointed upwards, instead of being aligned with whatever angle torch is being held at.

Optional Diary Narration
At some point during Lost Spires quest, you'll find a diary of a certain character, which automatically plays a voiced narration when opened. However, the voice acting is not really up to today's standards + it's also quite slow. What this file does, is simply add a choice to play the narration or not - in original mod this choice is only present if you listen to it at least once, now you don't have to.

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