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The Lost Spires adds a burned out building to Leyawiin and this mod aims to add some realism to it. Before the quest, the area will not be burned and you can visit the Scribe Services shop itself. During the quest, the smoke and body are cleaned up. After the questline, the ruined area will be rejuvenated with new trees and a small memorial park.

Permissions and credits
The Lost Spires - https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/12997

Copy the esp into the Oblivion game Data directory.

Activate the mod in your load order. This esp must load AFTER The Lost Spires.

This mod adds some realism to the way Rhea Miro's Scribe Services building (added by The Lost Spires) is
handled in Leyawiin. Before the quest involving Miro's transcript, the area will not be burned and you can
visit the Scribe Services shop itself and even interact with Rhea Miro. After you have returned the burned
transcript, the smoke will be put out and Rhea Miro's corpse will be buried. After the full Lost Spires
questline, all the ruined area will be rejuvenated with new trees and a small memorial park.

You can activate this mod at any point, regardless of your progress in The Lost Spires and still have it
work as intended.

The Lost Spires is one of my all-time favorite mods, an absolutely amazing series of quests and locations
with so many realistic details. The only thing that has bothered me about it for years (and I am sure
others can relate) is that it adds a sizable area of burned out ugliness to Leyawiin, right between the
Mages Guild and the statue of Topal the Pilot. It's part of the main plotline, but those ruins ugly up
an otherwise beautiful area of the city with never-ending clouds of smoke rising to the sky for all eternity.

Kids, I remember when The Lost Spires came out back in 2007 and this issue has bothered me ever since, but
I finally got my lazy rear around to doing something about it today. At first, I was just going to disable the
smoke clouds after the related quest ends because they always ruin my otherwise beautiful shots of the Mages Guild.
But then I said, "You know what? That lovely little corner of Leyawiin doesn't deserve to be shunned by me forever,
so I might as well make all that ruinage disappear and be replaced by something nicer while I'm at it!" So I did
that too. Then I noticed in the Construction Set that the original mod contained a fully-decorated interior cell
for Miro's Scribe Services that I never realized existed (because you can't get to it in-game without the console),
complete with a cute wood elf NPC version of Rhea Miro! This included interior was beautiful, but made entirely of
stone. So I cannibalized bits and pieces from the interior and made up a smaller wooden one and gave Rhea the life
she deserved to have before the related quest. Of course this meant I had to redo the exterior with taller trees,
pristine fence and unburned rocks to resemble the burned version. And then the burned version didn't match the new
house I made, so I had to modify it a little.

The end result is a mod that you can activate at any time that will effortlessly add some realism to this piece of
Oblivion. If you haven't started The Lost Spires at all, or if you haven't gotten that far in the quest, you can go to
Leyawiin and see Rhea Miro's shop and even visit her in it. If you've already gotten to that part of the quest, but haven't
completed the full mod questline, then you will still see the ruins, but with no smoke and Rhea's burned corpse will have
been laid to rest (check the cemetery for a new tombstone!). If you activate this mod after you've completed the full
Lost Spires questline, you'll see all the burned trees have been replaced by younger ones and the building completely
removed with a memorial park in its place.

If you would like to test this mod's functionality, you can start a new game and travel to the site of Miro's Scribe Services.
What you see will be the clean, unburned version of the shop.

To see the area after the building burns, enter the following console commands to see the changes this mod makes:

StartQuest ARMysteriousGlyph
SetStage ARMysteriousGlyph 30

This will be how the area normally looks without this mod, except for a few cosmetic changes to the ruins to fit the original
building shape.

To test making the smoke disappear and Rhea's corpse buried, enter the following console command:

SetStage ARMysteriousGlyph 60

At this point you can check for the tombstone in the cemetery.

To see the area after the questline is finished, enter the following console command:

StartQuest ARTheRevelation
SetStage ARTheRevelation 115

This is what the area will look like after being restored

First, I'd like to thank the creator(s) of The Lost Spires, it really is a fantastic mod.
The Rhea Miro NPC in this mod and a lot of the cluttering in her shop came from the original mod.

Many thanks to all the Oblivion modding community, many of whom provide me with the countless other
mods I thoroughly enjoy. I hope that my little mod here can made the game experience a little better
for those of you who have improved mine!