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This is the most unique Weapon I´ve ever created... It is not really overpowered... Just a little bit handsome... ^^

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This is the Sword of Ashura, the most legendary of all Fighters!

Wear it with Pride and Dignity!

This Sword gets stronger the more enemies you kill with it!

The Legend tells of a Sword Master whose blow was as quick as the blink of an eye
and as deadly as a Force of Nature.

Who, though mortally wounded, was still able to hold off an entire army on his own!

Now, you have received Ashura's Sword ... Be aware of its Powers and use it wisely...
In order to wield the true shape of the Enderform-Blade, you must first shed the blood
of an innocent absolutely pure creature! Are you ready to make this sacrifice?


You find it above the Sewer-Exit near Vilverin (Tutorial - Quest)

2-Hand Version ... Ultimate Form, alternate model...

(optional Vanilla 1-H Version in the Download without Ultimate-Form)

Please use only one version to prevent issues! I recommend the 2-H Version... (Its more fun and related to the story)


Sword Upgrades:

Junk      5Atk +2(every Upgrade)
Poor    10Health +50(every Upgrade)
Serviceable10Speed +0,05(every Upgrade)
Common    20Weight -0,5(every Upgrade)
Uncommon        20+200 Weapon-Health
Rare            30+5 Fire-Damage
Special       30+AB Magicka +100
Exotic         30+AB Strength +30 & Agility +30
Noble         50+AB Health +100
Master       50+5 Frost-Damage & +100 Weapon-Health
Epic            50+AB Willpower +30 & Luck +30
Legendary                 50+AB Sta +100
Mythic                     100+AB Regeneration +2
Astral       100+5 Shock-Damage
Godlike    150+Silence 1 Sec
Unique     200+Damage Stamina 20 on Hit
Enderform             +??? +Extra-Weapon-Stats & +4 Sec Silence
???                  +1 Damage every 100 Kills +5%-??? +Curse +5sec Stamina-Damage


Credit goes to:"Odem"

For his 2-Hand Katana Model I used in the Mod - 2H


(Its free to use and nice to look at)


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