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This mod adds a stock market mechanic. Players may buy and sell stock shares of shops in Cyrodiil. The purpose of this mod is to allow players to quickly build wealth and increase their mercantile

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Travel through Cyrodiil visiting local shops to hone your skills as a merchant, buying and selling stock shares as you go. This mod puts money in your pocket and quickly increases the notoriously frustrating mercantile skill. In certain shops around Cyrodiil, you can now find pieces of parchment known in-game as stock ledgers on counters or tables that allow you to purchase shares for a set price. The first time you open each stock ledger, your mercantile skill will increase by one. Upon purchase, the owner of the related store will have more money to barter with proportional to the number of shares bought and the base price for each one. Each share will also be worth double its base price (due to engine limitations this is not a proper stock market simulator). The higher your mercantile skill, the more gold each sold share will net you. You can sell shares of any store to any merchant willing to buy them, including some merchants who previously did not buy or sell books. Upon beginning the related quest, you will receive a spell allowing you to collect dividends on any stock shares you currently hold once every Middas. In the name of balance, some shops will only allow you to buy shares of their stock after reaching a certain mercantile skill level. 

This is a somewhat big mod, though it may not seem like it, and it is built on pages and pages of scripts. An unholy amount of scripting. A single typo can wreak all kinds of havoc. That said, I have play tested this mod, but it may still not be perfect. If you notice a bug or a glitch, please let me know so I can fix it. Similarly, if it seems unfair or poorly balanced, let me know that too.

Guild thieves may be interested in what Chancellor Ocato has in his pocket.

Install this the normal way. Nothing fancy. 

Not compatible with mods that drastically change store interiors.