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Collect fingers from Bandits and Marauders and turn them in for a tidy sum.

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  • German
I felt it odd that despite Cyrodiil's obvious bandit problems, the Legion never thought to put out a bounty on the ne'er-do-wells. This mod aims to remedy that a bit.


>Adds a misc item to Bandits and Marauders called "Bandit's Ring Finger"
--Item is weightless and worthless, it isn't meant for normal vendors anyway.
--Named Bandits/Marauders and unique outlaw groups might not have the item on them.

>Adds a tray atop the Jailor's desk in the Imperial Bastion of the Imperial City's Prison District where Ring Fingers can be turned in.
--Fingers are worth 10/25/50/75/100 Gold apiece depending on chosen ESP.
--Activating the tray will turn in all your fingers in bulk, so drop or store any fingers you wish to keep.


The downloaded ZIP file will contain multiple .ESPs, Activate and use only one.
The different .ESPs change the amount of gold received for each finger turned in. The amount is displayed in the .ESP's name.

It has come to my attention that activating any .ESP through Vortex or Oblivion's Launcher is impossible due to a bug. Since I can't figure out a way to fix said bug, the .ESPs can only be activated through NMM or OBMM.


Honestly? No clue.
I use a couple of mods myself that change the loot tables and leveling of bandits and marauders and my mod doesn't seem to conflict with any of them.

All in all, it should be fine with whatever your mod list is so long as it doesn't drastically alter the interior of the The Bastion or completely replace the Bandits and Marauders found throughout the game.

Complete remake of the original in order to clean up the mod.