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A simple retexture and buff of Shadowmere, to look and be a real Demonic/Vampiric Horse

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Tired of the boring appearence of Shadowmere? You want a demonic and powerful horse instead just a inmmortal black horse with red eyes? Then this is your mod!


> A little retexture for Shadowmere (A darker skin and brighter eyes)

> Speed increased from 33 to 38

> Shadowmere now have a little trail of shadow/black smoke in her.

> Now totally resist the diseases and poisons.

> Has a slightly regeneration (1 point for second)

> Not is more part of the prey faction, so the animals dont attack her on sight (Nobody wants to attack a damn horse with red eyes, lol)

> Has not falling damage.

> Optional - Water Walking, is a little buggy and the shadow trail look weird with the water, activate the TrueShadowmere-NotWaterWalking.esp instead if you not want that feature.

Note: If you have the official Horse Armor DLC and put armor in Shadowmere the effects don't going to work because I don't modify the Shadowmere with armor (Yeah, the horses with armor and the normal horses are different entities). 
Maybe later i will to make a compatibility patch


Simply put in the data folder (Or install with Mod Manager)

Know issues

Sometimes the smoke effect is placed in the player, a simple save-load fixes that. I dont know any of scripting so i don't know why that happen, lol.

If Shadowmere don't have the smoke effect (Or any of the effects) simply make a disable/enable in her. This happen if you installed the mod in a existing save.

Nobody will attack Shadowmere on sight, but if you are riding they can still focus YOU, no the horse.

Is my first mod, and is only a copy-paste of scripts and a change in the brightness of the textures, I hope it does not have many bugs.

Yeah, i make the head image with Powerpoint, lol

For the fall damage i based in the script from ZuTheSkunk and i use the tail asset from Black Horse Color Overhaul from Amirun. Go to endorse them!

Inspired by Nightmere LE by Mannenyuki, a mod for Skyrim