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Who needs a home? Everyone! Especially the Grand Champion!

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You finally did it. You beat the Grand Champion of the Arena. No one thought it was possible. But you overcame the odds and dethroned the Grey Prince.

And after all that, they never even gave you a bed to rest your head on. The Grand Champion, sleeping on the floor with all the Pit Dogs? I don't think so.

So I made a house fit for the Champion! It's not a huge castle, just a nice, spacious Imperial City home for the Grand Champion to rest during breaks. Just a quick walk from the Arena, it's a lore-friendly space where any Grand Champion can unwind after killing yellow team scum, minotaurs, and who-knows-what-else.

The key to the house is carried by Agronak gro-Malog. If a mod overwrites him and you can't get it when you kill him, I left a super secret jewelry box behind the front door (use console commands) with a spare copy of the key. If you're impatient, you could move in before you become Grand Champion (not that I recommend that).

This is the first house mod I've made, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Enjoy!

Extra Features:
-Lord's Amulet and Agronak's Ring (Located inside the house, on the table inside the bedroom.)
-Repair Anvil (adds an anvil that has a ranged effect that boosts armorer skill by 12 points when standing near it; it's the same mechanic as the dwemer forge at Battlehorn Castle, but a bit less effective)

May have issues with mods that heavily alter the Arena district in the Imperial City. Fully compatible with ImpeREAL City Unique Districts and Better Cities.
Let me know of any conflicts or compatibility you find so I can put it here for everyone to see!

Cleaned with TES4Edit


v2.0 (Current)
-Added the repair anvil
-Changed some interior design (remove items when updating to be completely safe! The two cupboards on the main floor were deleted; all the other containers are the same and may be okay, but emptying everything else to be extra safe is always best).
-Added an exterior map marker
-Fixed the orcish helmet so you can now pick it up

-Added a balcony above the house, added a quest with a marker for easier location of the house the first time, and Ysabel now gives the player a copy of the key (in addition to the previous method of getting it off of Agronak's body).
-First release, plus fixes: wardrobe not marked player safe, ladder not letting users down (don't have to jump out of the extra storage space)
-First Release

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