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Makes the harvest chance of plants dependent on Alchemy and Luck, while keeping the original chance as a base value. See ini for configuration.

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Skill Based Harvest Chance

· - = | Description | = - ·

In vanilla Oblivion, every plant has a designated harvest chance. Many have a 80% chance with some being lower.

This mod changes the harvest chance based on you Alchemy skill and your Luck.

Per default you get:

0.4% per point of Luck, like Luck works for other skills.
Alchemy 0-24 (Novice) - -15% chance
Alchemy 25-49 (Apprentice) - no modifier
Alchemy 50-74 (Journeyman) - +15% chance
Alchemy 75-99 (Expert) - +30% chance
Alchemy 100+ (Master) - +50% chance

Additionally, a master of Alchemy has a 10% chance to harvest a second ingredient.

This would mean that a Journeyman of Alchemy who has about 12 Luck will have
a 100% chance of harvesting those common ingredients. A Master of
Alchemy with Luck close too 100 will get a 70% harvest bonus which will
allow them to harvest all vanilla plants 100% successfully (except for a
few SI ones). I personally don't think that's too overpowered, but
everything can be customized in the mod's ini file.
A more fluid progression that allows constant calculation of your bonus instead of
waiting for the next mastery level can be turned on in the ini file,

Nirnroots remain unchanged.

· - = | Requirements | = - ·

This mod requires OBSE.

· - = | Known Issues / Compatibility | = - ·

It should work with every mod that fakes a player activate to mass harvest flora.

If Nehrim has plants, this should work for Nehrim too, as it has no master.

· - = | Installation | = - ·

Copy the contents of the archive into the Oblivion\Data Folder.
Activate the .esp in a game launcher of your choice.

· - = | Uninstallation | = - ·

This mod will not store anything in your savegame, it can be uninstalled at every time.

· - = | Recommended Mods | = - ·

Harvest Flora, because it's awesome.

· - = | Permission | = - ·

Whatever, just give a small credit. If you use any of it, you should probably change the stupid internal names :p