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Removes the infamy reset from completing the pilgrimage added by Knights of the Nine, whilst exactly preserving all other infamy-related features of the DLC and base game.

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Knights of the Nine - Improved Infamy System
Knights of the Nine


Knights of the Nine adds a repeatable pilgrimage to wayshrines, which upon completion clears your infamy. This was probably done by the developers to facilitate the Crusader armor, but it was actually a major small PP move for four reasons:

  1. It erases your accumulated infamy, which is a record of your evil deeds in quests. Basically, even the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood can be a goody-two-shoes.
  2. As a result of the above, even evil characters can easily gain access to the powerful holy restoration of chapel altars, as they only require you to have no bounty and a fame greater than your infamy. In the late game, your fame will likely be huge, so one infamy reset and you’re good to attend Sunday service for a lifetime.
  3. It breaks the balance of the fame/infamy bonus to NPC disposition. You can get a disposition bonus of up to +20 for fame and -20 for infamy (both at 67, respectively), which cancel each other out. But, similar to the above, one infamy reset means even evil characters get just the +20, since all characters will accrue fame from completing quests and closing Oblivion gates. This is one reason why everyone in Cyrodiil absolutely seems to love late game characters. In vanilla, you’d have to specifically avoid evil actions to get such a bonus.
  4. It breaks the Shrine of Sithis in the Vile Lair DLC. This shrine requires you to have more infamy than fame (the opposite of chapel altars). Therefore, at high fame, one infamy reset will make it difficult to use the altar ever again, even for an evil character. Better get killing...

Anyway, this mod basically makes it so that your infamy isn’t reset upon completing a pilgrimage, but, more importantly, it preserves all vanilla infamy-related features from the base game and DLCs, including Crusader armor, altars, the Pilgrim's Grace power, etc.

How it Works

Completing a pilgrimage stores your current infamy. This is your now your new baseline infamy when it comes to determining the holy features, and it simulates the Nine Divines forgiving your prior misdeeds, whilst acknowledging that they still happened.

For example, having 32 infamy and completing a pilgrimage means you can now use altars, Crusader armor, and wayshrines as long as your infamy doesn’t increase above 32. Once it does, you’ll need to complete another pilgrimage to access those features again. You can also gain the Pilgrim’s Grace power just as in vanilla if you complete two pilgrimages in a row.

Additionally, the annoying dialogue greetings “I used to think you were a hero...”, etc have also been changed, so that NPCs will only say them if you’ve gained additional infamy after being pardoned from a pilgrimage. I’ve also lowered the frequency of these from 20% to 2%, so that they’re a much rarer occurrence. This essentially incorporates Knights - Fewer Condescending Comments.

A Note on Existing Characters

If your infamy has already been reset from a pilgrimage, this mod does not restore your lost infamy. This is technically possible, but would require me writing a long script to manually check the completion status of a large number of quests and your actions in them, which frankly doesn't seem worth the effort for me at the moment. Fortunately, infamy gains are repeatable by committing murders, so—I mean—you can always make up for it if it really bothers you...

You can also check the UESP Infamy page and manually add the infamy for the quests you've completed using the console setpcinfamy <value> command. The statistics page in your journal menu lists the number of murders you've committed, which generally each gain you a further 1 infamy.

Extra Feature

The Unofficial Knights of the Nine Patch changes how wayshrines work. By default, Knights of the Nine completely replaces the wayshrine system to enable the pilgrimage; however, the unofficial patch restores the vanilla behaviour as long as the Pilgrimage quest hasn’t been started. This means that you can’t gain the infamy pardon or the Pilgrim’s Grace power without starting the Knights of the Nine quests, and the availability of wayshrine blessings is also determined by your fame as in the vanilla game. This mod adds an optional override to force default Knights of the Nine wayshrine features even if you haven’t started the quest, just as it is without the patch installed. Simply set the global variable ForceKnightsShrines to 1 in the console (or edit the .esp in TES4Edit).


This mod only requires the official Knights of the Nine DLC, although Unofficial Knights of the Nine Patch is recommended.

Standard installation procedure: add the file to your data folder and check in the game launcher or your mod manager of choice.


This mod can be uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game.


This mod will conflict with mods which also edit the altar, wayshrine, or Crusader armor scripts. All the scripts included in this mod are already based on the Unofficial Patch scripts where appropriate, so conflicts with these don't matter. As far as I'm aware, no other mod has a reasonable reason to modify these scripts further.

This mod was ridiculously easy to implement, and so simple I'm surprised that this method wasn't used in the first place. There are no new scripts, script extender functions, or anything of the sort; only very minor edits have been made to the original scripts—that's literally all that has changed.

My Mods

I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods, so any donations are gratefully received.