The Lost Spires by Leo Gura
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*The files uploaded to TESNexus are just patches! Download the main file (260MB) at the site below.*

The Lost Spires: http://www.lostspires.com

Uncover the mysteries of ancient Tamriel as only one can, through the Archeology Guild. Scale the guild's ranks and explore new, exotic locales to unravel a plot of sinister deceit, betrayal, and doom.

    - Single climactic story-arc supported with 10 highly immersive dungeons
    - New Archeology Guild, filled with dozens of collectable display items
    - Two entire cave retextures
    - Over a dozen retextured creatures
    - 100+ new custom meshes
    - Several new boss creatures
    - Epic, heart-pounding battles!
    - Powerfull new lore-soaked loot
    - Functional Beartrap!
    - Deep, characterized NPCs
    - Over 15 hours of new gameplay

Official Website: www.lostspires.com

All images, videos, and downloads are on the official website!

More Info: What better way to explore ancient lore than through an Archeology Guild! That's right, a fully functional Archeology Guild is now stationed in Cyrodiil. The Archeology Guild is a support group for systematic ruin exploration--- and you can bet there are plenty of new ruins to explore. When you first join up with the Archeology Guild, you'll find everyone hard at work excavating an entirely original ruin: the Spire. I want to be careful what I reveal at this point because the entire mod revolves around discovering the sinister nature of these Spires and the Warlock beings who inhabited them. I will say this, however: Spires predate Ayleid ruins, and Warlocks are now extinct. Why? That's for you to discover. Oh, and did I mention that there are powerful new artifacts to discover along the way? That's right, Warlock artifacts await the resourceful archeologist. You can find powerful loot either through exploration, or by advancing through the Archeology Guild's ranks. You'll be doing both!

Follow the long (15+ hour) quest to unravel a cataclysmic plot that will surely leave you shocked. Interact with up to 7 Archeology Guild members who will have you piece together the mystery of the Lost Spires one clue at a time. Your journey will span 10 unique dungeons, from Spire ruins, to caves, to lost grottos, to a massive Ayleid Labyrinth, and beyond. Every dungeon has been painstakingly designed with the story in mind. The Lost Spires features many high-quality custom retextures, over one hundred unique meshes, hundreds of lines of deep dialogue, and of course, better loot.

This has been an extremely ambitious project, 8 solid months in the making, and now it is complete.

Visit the Lost Spires website for the latest version and patches.